Seve Ltd Edition Irons and Woods

I have a full set of the Ltd Edition Dunlop Seve blades and Persimmons that I am considering selling. These are number 568 of 999.
Set includes 1,3 4 Persimmons and irons 1 to SW.
All shafted with X100’s standard L/L and regripped with half cords.
Unmolested and mostly unhit apart from a couple of them on the range… as good as new.

Let me know if any interest and pics available if required


I am not sure if I have the limited set (I doubt it as they aren’t numbered) but I have the 1,3,4 persimmons and the 3-SW Seve set as described by wholejobs…
they are an excellent set for anyone interested

No interest so they’ll be on ebay by the end of the week!


wonder if you know what the lies are on those Seve 1 3 & 4 woods. I have a chance to buy some with x100 shafts but was debating whether they are likely to be flat enough.




Think the lofts are basically standard… haven’t got an exact spec for them but my set with the X100’s look pretty standard to me.
Saying that they will be flatter than anything modern!!

thanks Chris - i was already talking to Arnie about his set & pondering whether to get them - they do look pretty sweet & i’m tempted :slight_smile:

Not extremely flat…but certainly not bad…don’t know how to really measure them for you except take a guess like that…probably doesn’t help much…but my Hogan driver is close to 49 lie when comparing it to Lag’s driver that he has set up at 48…I would guestimate the Seve woods I have are around 53-54 lie based on that evidence and using my eye as a sighter

Well if you need the irons to go with them just let me know :smiley: :smiley:

Now on ebay UK if anyone interested