Sets in the garage

Founders Club Forged 200 series
This is the set I used when I won the Masters in 1998 at 24 under.
great feeling club. Beautiful to look at.
I always used to get the equipment companies to try and match the specs of these clubs to the set they were making for me to try out.
They would take the Founders and measure the loft, lie etc and hand them back to me and laugh-- because apparently the lofts and lies
were all over the place and didn’t run in a good designated sequence at all–which goes to show, what does it all matter if you like the clubs
I felt I could do anything with them when striking the ball

Daddy like! Especially the Normans and the Hogans…although your statement re the slazengers and founders has me wanting more of a look!

TW- do you rotate sets as often as Lag when playing/practicing?

Nike blades- this was one of the early sets they made for Tiger to sample. They had a couple of different heads and called one set T1 and the other obviously T2. I got at a set before he switched over to Nike irons. They are sweet. I think I picked the T2 set- as I believe he ended up choosing also. Slightly different head shape and curve than the T1 sample

Mizuno MP33- always a great club the Mizuno’s. Can’t go wrong with any of their models

Yep Cheese. Switch around often. Just look at the rack and pick out a set to go try them for the day. That’s why I am patiently :imp: waiting for some new shafts and ferrules to reshaft a few sets to throw into the rotation
that way I never get attached to good luck, bad luck, good day, bad day or such

Wow. I would have thought that was counter productive (swapping sets).

At least that’s what my wife tells me. :laughing: :blush:

I want those Nike’s Bradley. Oddly enough I saw a set that was pretty banged up at my local shop. They wanted like… 350 bucks for them… I thought that was too steep, but now I see how hard they are to find. Also I think Anthony Kim went back to those after trying the Victory Red blades.

I’ll be sure to tell my wife that Bradley Hughes says, “switch clubs often, no matter how much it costs, no matter the friction it may cause in your marriage.” :wink:

A set of Golden Ram Tour Grinds and a set of Wilson Jerry Pate personal


I have a set of the Rams as well. Great clubs

I like these because you can see where the bulk sits and thus where you should hit the ball, they look like they would inspire a heap of confidence at address.

Those Greg Norman Cobras are gorgeous though - stunning.

I would like to know a bit about the Jerry Pate Personals, I’ve never seen or heard of them before, they look nice in a simplistic kind of way.

I know ZERO about the Jerry Pate personal also…I found them on e-bay-- buy it now-- never been hit— snapped them and the Rams up from the same seller at some ridiculous price (to me anyhow!!!) of around $350 for both sets including shipping…I had never heard of them but they looked sweet so I snapped at them as I was believing they would be a late 70’s probably early 80’s model when in relation to Pate and his era as a top line player…besides that I know nothing about them…can’t even seem to find any info with a Google search…but they sure look nice and feel nice to hit

Yeah they look sweet. Much better than modern day cavity medallion styles with disgusting graphics. Nice and simple but with a beefy look and a lovely chrome finish. The more I get into this classic stuff the more I like the simpler look - like those Jerry Pate’s of the JN Muirfields. Even the Curtis Strange VIP’s from the late 80’s look sweet to me.

OK…I just rearranged my garage and I am slightly overstocked in the vintage club department…thought I may get rid of a few sets from the storage racks

Let me know by PM if any of these sets interest you…I may say Yes or No …as to which ones I plan to keep or get rid of, and will try to do an updated list of possible sets 4 sale for info purposes that will show club make, model, shaft, grip, condition, price, shipping etc.
Will come up with some prices for sets that you are interested in if you PM before I can get that info listing done…
[size=150]will also bend them down to lie angle you are looking for before sending.[/size]
Will try answer any questions in order I receive them, when time is available.

Thanks TM

Initial list of iron sets for sale

** Hogan Decade 3 iron-9iron Apex 3 shaft $85 or best offer
Hogan AMF grips (fair condition)
Heads- minor scratching with no wear marks/spots/chrome loss on face
5 iron measurements-- D2 swingweight 38 inches in length 30 loft 60 lie

Wilson Fluid Feel Dynapower 2iron-PW Dyn Gold X-100 shaft (reshafted) $125 or best offer size=150[/size] to TeddyIrons
Brand new Golf Pride Tour Velvet grips 58 round
Heads- good to very good except pitching wedge has chrome wear no wear marks or spots on face
5 iron measurements-- D1 swingweight 37 3/4 inches in length 28 loft 56 lie

Andy Bean Wilson Classic 3iron- 9 iron S 300 shaft $75 or best offer
Wilson rubber grip (original/worn/slippery)
Heads- good condition soles are slightly worn no wear marks/spots on face
5 iron measurements-- D5 swingweight 37 1/2 inches 34 loft 61 lie (these have not been bent but will bend as desired)

Rawlings Lee Trevino Tour Grind 3iron- PW Dyn Gold X-100 pured shaft (pulled & re-installed from another set) $125 or best offer size=150[/size] to Manko65
Brand new Golf Pride tour velvet 58 round grips
Heads- Good condition shaft/ferrel show taper mark from being pulled and reinstalled (see photo)
5 iron measurements-- E1 swingweight 38 1/4 inches 28 loft 56 lie

Hogan Medallion 2iron-PW Apex 4 shaft $100 or best offer size=150[/size] to 1teebox
Golf Pride Full cord good condition
Lead tape weighted to D4 swingweight
heads- good condition
5 iron measurements-- D4 swingweight 38 inches length 28 loft 57 lie

Shipping $22 flat rate to 48 lower US states… anywhere else will get postage rate or take a best guestimate!!

Just did a quick update of the items…Trevinos…Medallions…& Wilson Fluid Feels… [size=150]have been sold[/size]

I will add some more for others interested as I can get to it… Thanks for the PM’s… Enjoy

I feel like I am ready to part with this beautiful set of PT3 Hogan irons. size=150[/size]
I don’t ever get to use them so someone else should benefit from them and put them in play.

They are mint condition-
rechromed 2 iron thru equalizer
they have Dynamic Gold X100 shafts installed
with brand new Golf Pride V55 grips
Lie angle is approx 4-5 degrees flat (about 1 up of Lag’s specs)
Swing weight is D7- nice heavy feel in the head

Pic below

Am asking for around $400 plus some shipping- I know that sounds high for older sticks but I doubt you would ever find a set that was 47 years old in anywhere near the shape these are in. Plus they are heavy, and set up flat in lie angle with extra stiff poles in them

PM with some interest- if not they will be off to e-bay next week at a higher rate than that

Also have a real nice 3iron - 9 iron set of heads only - Spalding Elite MV2

I have had these for close to 30 years but never shafted them - my parents actually found them at their house and sent them over recently

they are brand new heads- I am guessing from the early 80’s…I really don’t know much about them but the heads look a lot like the Top Flite model

I am wondering if they were a ladies club? Or just a model older than I can imagine or remember…Maybe someone will find out info about them…Either way they look terrific

just did a quick search and found one on e-bay …it says 1969- … vi-content

Asking around $50-$60 for the heads plus some shipping and then someone can reshaft and have a great new set of sticks


[size=150]Found out these have a weird size hosel…?? I tried to put a shaft in them to bend to Macs specs before I went to Vegas and nothing would fit…a normal shaft was too thick…anyone think they are a women’s club?[/size]

[size=150]They are available again if anyone is interested…but they may need boring and too much messing around with … I will leave them here anyhow for future if anyone wants to work on their boring out the hosel technique[/size] :laughing:

Well Arnie…Come to Poppa!!!

Finally found my favourite clubs- the Japan DP30 set that I used in the late 80’s…I knew they would turn up somewhere one day… princely price of $70 plus postage

Thanks to the couple of people who messaged me about them… they have R400 shafts which will need to ripped out but the heads look pretty good with minimal wear.

Funnily enough I found a set of my old Australian DP30 clubs in a mate’s garage a few weeks ago when I was in Queensland and stayed with him for a couple of nights between my travels. Bastard had taken them from my garage years ago and I didn’t even know!!! They are beat to death and need re-chroming…but the shape of the heads are great…they feel rather heavy too and have x shafts…maybe a good restoration project one day…and then some extra flattening needed.


Too cool TM, I often scan ebay Japan to see if a set ever turn up - but I only ever saw that one set. Great to hear that they finally came good closer to home. Let us know if they live up to billing.

Cheers, Arnie