Set up for Titleist 975D

Hey guys,

first off want to say i’m an active reader of this site, but must say im not the best participant :slight_smile:

im turning it back sort of old school this year with my woods and will be gaming the old Titlesit 975D

it is a bore thru head and i want to put an extra stiff steel shaft in there. playing length will be cut to 43in so ill need to add weight to keep the swingweeight up but this will also weaken the shaft

what do you guys thing i should use for a shaft, and x100 driver shaft, x100 iron shaft ?? insert full bore or tip it even more?

Thanks for your help!!!

You will need to use a .335 parallel wood shaft, the iron shafts won’t fit unless you rebore the hosel which is quite a job.

I would tip an X100 a lot more than the tipping instructions would suggest, at least 2 1/2" more, which at 43" would mean you will need to butt trim about by about 1 1/2". You could even do all the trimming from the tip so you dont need to do any butt trimming at all, it depends how hardcore you are.

Hey NRG, thanks for the reply! Much appreciated!