Serious Mod 2 Action

Working diligently on Mod 2, and have become enamored with footwork. Stumbled across some footage of the ReMax Long Drive Champ Joe Miller using Mod 2 to the extreme, and hitting 400 plus yard drives.




Great turn, and lots of spine tilt…
he actually has a very good golf swing, unlike some of the guys from that sport.

I thought so too. There were a number of folks on another blog that were criticizing his width of stance and footwork, calling them “compensations”, “wastes of energy”, “excess movement” etc…obviously not ABS trained.


[youtube] [youtube]

It does not look all that good from DTL. I think he will have serious issues with low point control and as a result iron play.

I’d be kind of interested to see his 70% everyday swing, instead of the 110% all out hail mary craziness. I agree from this POV, he looks somewhat spastic, but the ABS fundamentals are there.