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Hello ABS folks,

I am new to the forum here. I just wanted to share the experience I had on Thursday evening. A coworker and I slipped away from work for some golf.
The winds were quite strong and I didn’t want to even go but my buddy talked me into it. We played our way along and it became clear we were not going to be able to finish up all 18 holes so we took the shortcut over to the 17th hole (fun little uphill par 3.)
We got there and noticed about 4-5 balls on the green none further than 15 feet from the pin. We looked and saw a player walking up from the tee. He informed us that there was another couple groups behind him so if we wanted to play we better do it. I asked if he would care to just join us on 18 and he said sure.
As he was closer now I noticed an old school leather bag with what looked like some very old head covers…
We teed off 18 and sure as shootin up walks Lag! :open_mouth: I was blown away. We talked a bit about how tough the 18th was playing since its a lengthy par four dead into strong wind from off the left. Anyways he walked back to the tee and proceeded to sizzle one right down the fairway…We got to talk it up a bit moving down the fairway which was great. I hit my approach and came up short. I watch Lag pull out a tiny headed iron (I think he said 56 Dyna Power? not sure.) He hit the sweetest long iron the ball just fizzed away and held its line well and got up to the right fringe. Lag was like “should have aimed a bit more left”
as if he wasn’t totally happy-my friend was like " did you HEAR that?" I told him we were talking about a pro here.
I have read some of Lags stuff before and often wondered if a guy like this was for real-emphatically yes he is…
That was quite inspiring to see the flat old school gear being used in its element. What was even cooler was that Lag even took time to show us a few quick concepts we were talking about AND demonstrated by beautifully striking a couple 3 woods off the deck from the 10th tee out into the fairway.
I was just so excited to see it all in person I had to join up and post something about it. I am still struck by how much flatter the lie angles he really uses are than my 1 flat mizunos. John it was a pleasure to meet you. :smiley:

great story—thanks for sharing


You’re in good hands

Welcome Steve!

Thanks mashie! I just hope Lag didn’t think I was a moron amazing how exciting it is to see in person. Hope I didn’t come off like an idiot.
I was working today on my move and I definitely thought flatter LOL.


Welcome to ABS!
Mare is a magical place where proper golf can be learned and enjoyed. Wind, sidehill lies, small tricky greens that require technical shotmaking. It’s all out there between the wild turkeys, summer blackberries, anise and wild asparagus. :sunglasses:

Hey Steve P…and welcome. Btw, Lag gets that all the time. The first time I met him I had him sign my girlfriends breasts with a Sharpie! :wink:

Captain Chaos

Did he sign them like this Lag Pressure, or like this [size=200]Lag’s Pleasure[/size] :laughing: