See and feel the inside move the outside

By Mike Hebron

Hi, just wondering if anyone has read this? I’ve heard it mentioned previously elsewhere, and managed to pick up a copy cheap.

First chapter seemed very good, describing how the mind learns a motion better by visualisation or having a mind’s eye concept of your swing rather than thinking of specific moves (which can be detremental to learning), and even how video over-analysis can distort your mental picture of your swing and mess with your feel. This resonated with me because some of my biggest light-bulb moments have come from broad mental images of how to swing ABS style. Being an engineer, it’s my natural tendency to over-analyse, and I am realising that does not work well with golf.

The remainder of the book seems to go into the motion of how to swing the club and building the mental image of the swing. I was wondering how well these line up to ABS fundamentals? Can anyone comment?

It’s a good book.

Whether hitting or swinging… the inside must motivate the arms and club. There certainly are spacial awareness protocols for the arms and hands… but the core must be the primary motor of the golf swing.

Hebron was influenced by TGM and had some kind of early connection there. I also remember him sharing some of the concepts found with “In Search of the Perfect Swing” I haven’t read Hebron’s book in a long time, but there is a lot of good stuff in there. My vague memory seems to remember him teaching more of a passive swingers release.

I have this book and recently re-read it. Lag is right that he advocates more of a Greg McHatton type passive release but the main theme is about the use of the core of the body to be the main driving force of the swing. I see this book being more about the mental visualisation of the golf swing rather than golf swing mechanics, and for that reason I think it’s a very good, and quite unique, book.