Search for modern day Hogan - Avatar creation

Not sure if you have seen the advert from McTee’s blog - looking for modern day Hogan for a bit of motion capture as they plan to make a DVD of Modern Fundamentals.

It is a pretty big ask to get a weight/height/age / swing authentic model for the 1948 swing IMO… not only because whoever takes up the challenge is opening themselves up to scrutiny of their swing in minute detail by avid Hoganites (I include myself in that category) and would therefore have to have pretty thick skin to cope with the avalanche of abuse they would likely get for daring to try ( I do not include myself in this category)…but how likely is it that a young player of correct size and age and weight will have developed the skills required …unless they use the equipment which Hogan used??

McTee did a nice job on making thir DVD footage available to all a few years ago… but is this venture a step too far? … re=related
Looks like McTee is searching himself…see comments section.

Actually releases quite early with crossover release style IMO… you see …it comes across as nitpicking…of a swing that is pretty good in almost every respect…but that is what people are going to have to live with if they submit their swings as a model for Hogan replica …Mike Maves and Martin Ayers have had the same treatment… great swing with Hoganesque features…but an awful lot of “critique” (not all of it constructive) on other sites…

Great swing Trevor - keep the skin thick!

Is this a casting for a movie?

Peter Senior was by far the most like Hogan I ever saw in the lat 1980’s… but I was looking at it strictly from P3 to P4 moving through impact, and what the golf club itself was doing and how the shaft was reacting. But that’s what’s important, and the ball was reacting properly and he was also beating the #1 player in the world at the time. It was very real.

I think most Hoganites are looking at the grip and waggle, the white cap, a bunch of lag angle at the top, a big closed hip slide to the left at transition and a Marion postcard finish position. Unfortunately, none of those things are going to guarantee a proper strike of the golf ball.

I think they are trying to create an avatar - a hogan-like animation based on a golfer (or series of golfers) who swing like Hogan did so that they can produce a DVD of “Modern Fundamentals” which will have it look like Hogan is actually demoing the book to us. Hence the search…

A very ambitious project IMO…easy to get something hogan-ish (as you described above) but I agree that they are not likely to get Hogan’s real motion, the dynamics…