Scratch Golf - beautiful new custom made persimmons

Its really exciting to see new and old faces producing what promise to be quality new persimmon woods. I know a lot of people hold Scratch golf in high esteem and I believe that Ari (CEO) runs his own classic club / hickory outings. So check out the pics below and the quotes from Ari that I copied from another site.

Cheers, Arnie


Anyone fancy clubbing together to see if we can approach Ari/John Powell to a produce a few “Lag spec” versions? Or perhaps Lag might want to approach Ari to see if you can produce a John Erikson custom via John Powell that we could buy?

Cheers, Arnie

Addington Arnie,

I am in the process of getting a new driver from John and have already spoken to him about that possibility. However, John told me that the flattest lie that he can go with normal manufacturing techniques is 52* (standard lie for his drivers is 54*). Hope this helps. I will post pics when I get mine (which apparently will be a while).

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Those sure look nice…

Encouraging to see a few getting back into production.

Thats an awesome looking persimmon driver. I’m so tempted, but I’ve been promoted to chief bottle washer and assistant diaper changer, the funds are funnelling elsewhere right now. Luckily I got some nice Wood Bros to play, but under other circumstances I’d pick one up in a heartbeat. :smiley:

Here’s a nice clip showing Ralph interviewing Ari,owner of scratch Golf, at the PGA golf show in Orlando. Don White, the purported Michelangelo of grinding, and maker of Twomaster’s clubs, is in the background.