Scotland Loft /Lie Machine.. input ? … 1438.l2649

I bet there is someone lurking to snag this but … oh well … :slight_smile:

Anyone know anything about this machine, the lie setting looks like it only goes to 53 deg… can’t really tell…
currently resting at $227.00 on ebay , don’t know if it is worth the risk, the cheapest Golf Smith Machine is $319.00, and the cheapest Maltby vise mounted one $149.00… both look kinda chinsy…
18 hrs left…ebay
Getting tired of going to the shop for bends, and my vise is messing up my jewels :laughing: (cubs that is !)

lof mach2.JPG
lie mach..JPG

Hey Dale,

I’ve had a Scotland machine for maybe 13 years now. At the time I bought it new for $750 without the stand and was considered one of the better machines. I’m happy with mine. Last year the brass bending bar broke, but took it to a welder who reattched the head probably better than it came from the factory.

However this machine looks like it has some high miles on it to me. Perhaps under $350 would be a good buy? Plus it might be older than mine because it doesn’t have the 64 degree loft slot. You can bend the irons as flat as you want and take a good guess that the lie is 51 degrees with your 1-iron :wink:

Hope it helps

Thanks Mashie !,
I thought it looked a bit worn to, do not know if parts could be found if needed…

thanks for the info !..

I was watching this one also and was very tempted to bid. Ended going with a used Golfsmith low end machine that was missing the T clamping bolt on ebay. Time to source one of these suckers…

Ended up not bidding , went for 267.99, which tells me that another higher bid snipe was just around the corner…
tough to drop $300.00 on something that old… too many unknowns for me…
Wonder if an ABS’er got it ? :smiley: