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This was fantastic! I love how he just changes his finish to hit different shots. If there’s any more stuff like this out there it would be great to see it!

Snead really knew exactly what he was doing… a very deep thinker about the swing and playing strategy. Sometimes he would keep things very simple and general for the public, but other times he gives clues about how deep he really knew the golf swing.

I love the part about him talking about long irons and how the good players would always much prefer to hit a long iron over a fairway wood. He’s not talking about using crutches or hybrids. If you have a good golf swing… it’s not hard to hit a long iron and the control it offers is superior. Snead knew this.

The right foot ground pressures… firing from a late release… it’s all discussed.

Snead said: … rentPage=2

I guess that’s how he hit a ball also.

that is…until that saved last split second hit.

I put my hybrid in the closet, and I long for those days again.

What Snead did to enhance his longevity was to preserve his torso range of motion both back and through. I see older players loose that more than forearm strength. I think the key is to be aware of it… and keep flexibility and strength working in the direction. A lot of the players my age have lost it already. Obviously Snead was aware of it.

Count em…


A lot of great stuff going on here. Snead was at the peak of his game here in 1946.

Specific points of interest.

  1. A fairly flat lie angle for such a big man.

  2. Notice the inside takeaway on the backswing. ( 4)

  3. The clubshaft works quickly back to right angles to his spine on the downswing (12)

  4. Notice how open the clubface is at P3 (frames 13, 14)

  5. Notice the difference in knee flex between frame 1 and 12.

  6. In frame 23 a repeat of frame 12, the shaft is pointed well above plane due to an increase of forearm rotation from where most would promote being on plane. This is the reach into the 3rd dimension.

  7. Clubface is very open at the top of the swing (9)

  8. Clubface has not rolled over prior to P4 (16)

  9. Feet are still very grounded post impact.

  10. Notice how square the shoulders are at impact (15) and how quickly they have opened post impact (17)

  11. While it is not critical that one maintains full forward torso bend to the finish… Snead remarkably does so and shows his great flexibility and strength.

  12. We get the feeling that his left elbow is still in very close to his torso heading into finish (18) yet he finishes with his upper left arm parallel to the ground.

Snead is explaining hitting from the core or chi.

Snead working the shaft left with a mid iron


Slotting the club into transition



Great pics