Sam Randolph with ABS/ Part 2

In this second installment of our 4 part series, Sam and I discuss some of the modern swing fads
such as Stack and Tilt, X Factor, One Plane Swing, Haney, the backswing, the slot, alignment, saving your back
heavy gear, being left handed and playing right handed, how Sam learned early how to shape shots, Sam’s amazing
experience playing in the Masters and being low amateur twice, Bulter Cabin, being paired with Nicklaus on Friday
and Saturday at Augusta, playing under pressure, handling nerves, Bryon Nelson’s tip to Sam on grip pressure,
and how you can meet Sam and attend The Masters this year with Sam as your host.

Bang on about freedom to turn, X-Factor misinterpretation, hitting the slot and modern thoughts.

Great interview

Thanks guys

great interview, looking forward to week 3 already.

Really enjoyed your interview with Sam Randolph. Top shelf. Thank you.

+1 Great stuff Lag and Sam :smiley:

Cheers, Arnie

Part 2 is full of good stuff.

I love the story about setting up a course in Geiberger’s home. Just kids having fun. I’m headed to the store and get some ping pong balls…

I still think about Sam’s talk with Nicklaus down the fairway at Augusta. It’s really compelling, because if you think about it… it’s all the more reason to design your golf swing to embrace the inevitable, rather than try to run from it.

Keep these interviews coming, I’m learning a lot from them. Is it possible to get Jackie Burke, Jr. to come on and talk to us?

I’ll have Part 3 coming out hopefully Thursday.

Sam gets into putting, and we talk about equipment.

Putting, great. To wet the appetite of all those fellow ABS’ers who are frustrated they’re not converting their improved ballstriking into birdies, how about this:

"In 2003, I was struggling until Sam gave me a putting lesson on Tuesday at Colonial in Fort Worth. He has a good eye and a way of communicating that really connected. I went on to win Colonial that week and two more tournaments to have my best season ever.” -Kenny Perry, 14– PGA Tour Victories

I’m really looking forward to meeting up with Sam again in a few weeks… it’s been way too long.
I think it might be fun to give each other golf lessons…

maybe we’ll play for it with persimmon and blades… he’s excited to have that kind of comp again…

No doubt. I love making the ball do what I want, but to score…that white-dimpled bitch needs to find the hole. My apologies to those who use yellow, orange or (god forbid) black-dimpled bitches! :wink:

Captain Chaos

Was just watching the Senior PGA and saw Sam Randolph hit one to a few feet on 12 and made the birdie. +2 thru 12. Very much in contention.