Sam Randolph Interview Part 3 featuring Putting segment

In this 3rd installment of my interview with former US Amateur Champion and PGA Tour winner Sam Randolph, we discuss a bit about what Sam is up to now, the state of the game, and a very special segment on Sam’s thoughts on putting. Don’t miss it.

Thanks for that interview Lag. Always enjoyable and informative. I like Sam’s avoidance of unneeded complexity in putting in his early years and his not letting rigid habit be a substitute for seeing and knowing when he was ready to putt. Seems like that was an all around characteriistic of his. Neat stuff imho.

Is there anywhere on the internet where we can view a Sam Randolph swing?

I’ll be seeing Sam later this month, so maybe I can get some sequence photos of him that were taken when he was on top of his game, and maybe compare that to what he is doing now. I’m looking forward to spending a couple days with him in the desert. He’s a great guy to learn from.

Good content, here. Toward the end of last season, I opened my putting stance way up so I could see better, worked on speed, kept my upper arms more connected to my body, but not tense. Didn’t take practice swings (Stockton) and worked on trying to read the green’s surface, first farther away (the global view) and then specific to my putt, the last three feet (Stockton). I also like Lauren Roberts’ no-routine approach and Faxon’s don’t-care’ mantra. I crack myself up sometimes as I repeat to myself: ‘I don’t care, I don’t care’ right before I pull the trigger. Really hard to do, b/c yes, I do care!

There was an interview with Geoff Mangum (sp) recently where he talked about why good ballstrikers struggled putting–something to do with subconsciously taking their full swing stance to the putting surface. I could find it and post if anyone’s interested.