Salvaged Staff !! new fairway weapon !

Well I pulled the shaft (s400 and tipped it another 1.5 in),from this 3 wood,
part of a nice 3 pc. set picked up awhile back for $50.00, (The original finish was great!)
I doweled, rebored,…did not quite fit my eye and was only at 52 deg. ,… so I made I more pass with the drill and ,craaacck!!
split the back of the neck near the heel and a hairline crank on the aft side of the sole plate…
I was devasted,… :frowning:
Funny how your perspective changes as time goes by, I let it sit for 2 weeks on my shelf with 3 other broken efforts, and I thought ; "the hell with it! "
so I filled the neck with epoxy, fit the shaft, glooped some epoxy/sawdust, sculpted the neck, put some lead in the sole (another 15 oz. dead weight monster!)
added ‘old timey’ whipping , a homemade shaft extender and a gripped it…
Went to the range and beat balls with it for 20 min… nice high launches working out there 225-240…felt fantastic!!
and nary a wimper from the ‘slightly compromised’ persimmon head !! :smiley: In the bag it goes!!

Lesson for the day: do not give up when plenty of Epoxy is on tap !!

STAFF 3 WD..jpg

Well Folks,
This 3 had fast become my favorite fairway wood and shortish par 4 tee off ax…
Started noticing a more of a ‘thud’ than a ‘thwack’ :frowning: on any shots with it and sho’ nuf’
the crack reappeared and widened to the danger point of the head soon becoming a lethal projectile!
“Sigh…”’…still have the fond memories of a ton of well struck missiles !! Time to put the Mac m85 in the bag…good thing I have a decent inventory! :smiley:
Persimmon Rocks!!