Sale - Can you handle a POLE driver?

Alright, as I mentioned in the other thread I made a ‘pole’ driver using a new old stock (NOS) persimmon head. This thing is absolutely beautiful, but I can’t hit it high enough due to it being unbelievably stiff. I’ve only hit 3 shots with it, otherwise this setup is brand new. I want to sell it to someone who wants to give this a try.

Length: 43.25 Inches
Weight: 420 grams (14.8 ounces)
Est Swingweight: D2
Tacki Mac Jumbo Pro Wrap Grip
Wishon Stepless Steel iron shaft tip-trimmed to play x-stiff in a 2 iron. Butt extension added to bring to length.

Other Observations/Notes:
Sits a tiny bit open to my eye and I naturally aimed a bit left with it, which I like.
Not ABS flat - I didn’t rebore the head. But, it feels fairly flat to me, maybe 53-54 degree range. I don’t have a device to measure this for you.
I use 67 gram grips. If you replaced that with a more normal grip the weight with drop and SW will go to about D4.
Purchaser may have some luck adding a bit of lead tape to the back of the head. Will increase Swingweight and make it easier to launch higher. I have not tried this but thought about it.
Shaft and grip labels are down - not visible at address which is how I do most my builds.

Let’s say $125 asking price considering the time it took me to get parts and assemble. PM me if you’re interested.


This looks nice! Nice job.

You reminded me I forgot to update this thread. The club is no longer available.

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