Rocco hits Hogan's driver at Cypress

Rocco hit Ben Hogan’s old driver at Hogan’s favorite hole at Cypress #12.

He hit is 15 yards shorter than his current frying pan Rocketball driver. He admits today’s pros are not as good as the persimmon age. I wish Elk would shut up and let Rocco talk. Rocco started displayed his knowledge of Hogan’s equipment when Elk kept interrupting him.

I wonder who the gentleman is in the video, Hogan’s “friend.”

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The persimmon is a better club for controlling shot shape and trajectory. If you are playing a course that requires more articulation off the tee, then persimmon is a better choice if you know how to use it. Most players today have never learned how to use one, so they just assume they are not as good of a club.

The 2013 US Open at Merion was a good example. The course played only 6850 on Sunday. None of the modern players could break par out there for the week even using the modern ball and gear.

A couple weeks later they are all shooting 20 under on a 7400 yard TPC track. It says something.