Right knee at sit down

Hi,first time poster here. Im presently trying to regroup my swing,first-up,I am a TGM devotee.I also followed Lag on another forum,but in all honesty never understood a lot about golf concepts full stop,
A lot of water has gone under the bridge,I have learnt much from reading different post on different forums but lately they(forums) have simply collapsed into a pile of garbage and mudslinging,so its nice to see this one running strong ,Lynn Blake is great,but explainations are mostly too deep for me.This one seems to be more “normal speak”…So here I am,hope I can fit in?

My first up question is regarding knee position in "sitdown"position,I am in the middle of getting the right positions from transition down into impact,My feel at present is keeping R/foot pressure on ground and a little spine angle tilt on downswing,Do I keep R/knee in "vertical position " at this point or should it be starting to go sideways in towards L/knee? or indeed does this occur naturally…I hope you can understand my question…Thanks in advance

First, welcome to ABS…
While studying TGM shows one is thinking beyond popular band aid golf instruction… things around here
are a bit different that TGM.

My first suggestion would be to stop thinking about positions, and try to feel why you would want to move through any particular position. Motion and dynamics. Think why one would flex their knees through transition, and how that would affect the club, shaft, would that flatten the shaft? Steepen it? What else needs to happen?
Why would you want to increase pressure in the right foot on the downswing? Yes it is a good thing to do… but what is this actually doing? What is is setting us up for?

For instance, keeping the right foot down through impact could be helpful… or very detrimental. If there is one thing about the golf swing… any one move or intention will be intrinsically tied to some other dynamic action.

You’ll learn a lot here just reading through the many thought provoking threads.

Thank you very much for your fast response Lag,It is really appreciated. Boy,you have really got my attention,I will take your advice and do some real reading.Do I continue on this thread or should I begin elswhere,Im not so much into the social side of forum,I just want to learn correct moves to attain the right dynamics in the correct sequence.I am playing of single figure hcp and not afraid of practice…I am afraid of the WRONG practice…Thanks again for quick response…I will prolly begin here on this thread unless advised to start elswhere…cheers…WJ


You hae piqued my interest too here. I’d like to throw my thoughts in and bounce them off Lag if you don’t mind… bare in mind I’ve not got to mod 2 yet.

From transition I like to work on the idea that ‘the left side leads and the right resists’. In order for the right to resist it has to be anchored? My thought is that this creates an elastisity in the body for a sort of bungee cord effect as the right side stretch-loads then fires though impact. It gives me the desired squat & live tension throught the groin and inner thighs. Feels like an upturned horse-shoe of power…

Thanks Craig for the input,its good to be here,Yours is a good anology.

I imagine that Im taking a swipe at sideways at a tree with an axe,to get max momentum into axehead,imagine the right foot and the force it puts into the ground on the swing towards the tree…not to mention stability…cheers and thanks…ps…Im still reading lol

Transition is really critical… but I don’t like to start there.
I want a student to know what to do after transition… through impact and into finish before we tackle the transition work. Transition is more like jumping off a cliff. You would want to prepare a safe landing first before taking on the plunge. Better to know where you are going before starting a journey into a big question mark.

?..Starting from the end of swing…Im lost…still reading Thanks Lag

If you are jumping off a cliff into the ocean you want to know how deep the water is first before you take the plunge…

Lag is saying you need to know how to handle the forces generated by the swing through impact. There is lots to talk about here, but you’ll need to get a hang on the goal of lag’s teaching…Lagpressure. The whole package is designed to deliver & maintain this force. Figure out lag pressure and the domino effect of understanding will begin… :bulb: :smiley:

I’m only on Mod2 and the feel for me is that I’m still turning into the right knee at top…that and a little knee bend and bingo - transition!! It’s dynamic, powerful and leaves plenty of time for Mods 1 & 2…the coolest part about this move is that it’s NOT a position - actually , the coolest thing about ABS is that it frees you from ‘position golf’ - which is what I’ve been taught all my life…

woke up middle of the night thinking about Mod1 and watched Bradley Hughes Impact video - at around 5:15 the imagery of the right hand palm up then shutting the door closed, is really huge and spot on Mod1 stuff…

williamjohn - watch all the Bradley Hughes videos - save them and then go back when you get further into the Mods - a lot of lightbulbs will go off but it takes time…no offense to Lag, but I think we’re all confused at first because of the start of the drilling at impact…I only wish that I had learned this way a long time ago…it really has been a blast to read the forum - watch classic swings - do the reps and try to link it all together…can’t thank Lag and Brad enough!