Right hand very weak on the grip...anyone else?

Just an observation - I’m sure everyone is different, but I keep coming back to a very weak right hand grip (i.e. right hand is on top of the club). Is anyone else experiencing this?


Captain Chaos

Yes I think its fairly typical as I believe it helps the range of motion we have. But I think you need to have the requisite strength in the first place. I might be wrong but I seem to remember Lag stating students often tend to strengthen the right hand to start with when doing drills and as they build up hand/forearm strength they move it more on top to enable a greater range of motion.

Cheers, Arnie

I have just done 4350 reps of mod# 2 and I find myself now gripping with a weaker right hand than before, it just doesn’t feel right anymore if I don’t do that.