Rickie Fowler uses Persimmon

Just heard on the Bay Hill telecast, Rich Lerner of Golf Channel talking about Rickie Fowler.

Says Fowler does a lot of practice at home using persimmon driver, 3 wood and 5 wood. Says he found that the modern balls didn’t work very well with the persimmons so he went on ebay and bought some old balatas. Also Titleist gave him some old stock Professionals. His coach was a Hoganite and encouraged him to use persimmon to sharpen his ballstriking. Lerner says Fowler believes practising with the more difficult to use gear makes him a better player with the modern clubs.

Good to hear a young, high profile PGA Tour member believes in what the ABS community has been saying.


Nice one, Lag - thanks for posting the video.

(I note that I mistakenly attributed the commentary to Rich Lerner, when in fact it was Jimmy Roberts of NBC/Golf Channel).

I’d love to see Rickie get some more ABS post-impact acceleration. His flattens it nicely during transition though. I just find it weird the way he folds it up post impact.

He uses a swinger’s release so the timing element is magnified. But these guys play all the time and hit thousands of balls a week so with a lot of practice, it can work fine. I do think a bit tougher to hold up under pressure however for most normally wired humans. Nicklaus had a special quality to control his nerves using a swingers release.