Richmond Country Club near San Francisco

I took this picture of the first hole at Richmond CC near San Francisco… right across the bay from the city. A wonderful classic course built back in the golden age of golf course architecture.

It’s obvious from looking at the photo what the original intention of the hole is asking the player to do. The one bunker is strategically placed up the left side suggesting the tee shot has a specific distance in mind.

However, the modern players are simply pulling out the frying pan and going at the green completely taking the golf course out of context. As much as it might be tempting to pretend you are Bubba or Dustin Johnson, I would suggest you will have a better time getting in touch with the hole itself, trying to understand what the designer left for you to ponder, and feel good about showing up on the first tee with a nice set of persimmons to play the course properly.

Lag, How far away from the Chevron Richmond Refinery is this course. I’ve spent alot of time in Richmond @ Chevron, and also in Concord, and Walnut Creek. I’m always trying to work out there because I really like the area. I will most definitely bring my gear so I can check out some of theses classics course you speak about so much! :sunglasses:

I think most players would think that the course designers intention was to follow the yellow line… :laughing:


good one dthiele. that yellow line looks familiar. whenever there is water, that’s where i’ll be looking for my ball.

It’s very close… oddly enough you never see it from anywhere on the golf course. The course runs right along the train tracks on the back nine. I never knew the course was there, and I had driven across the Richmond Pkwy to take the San Rafael bridge shortcut many times. The course is really tucked away in a little pocket not far from the bay.

on a serious note though, thanks lag for putting up that photo of the path line of the ball. i’ll be the first to admit that i usually just pull out a driver and try to bomb it over the trees/bunker/dogleg. i’m developing a new appreciation though for where traps are placed off the tee.

Golf is meant to be a challenge, and to play a golf course correctly really enhances the experience.
The modern gear is a silly as if you went out and played off the ladies tees, then came into the pro shop proclaiming you
broke your personal best record.

There are still a lot of unmolested golf courses around… that are around 6500 to 6900 yards that really play wonderfully with persimmon.

Next time you are out having a game with guys using frying pans while you have persimmon… just start walking up to the ladies tees and tee off. If they ask you what you are doing… just say… “well, if you are all going to cheat the golf course, then I guess I will too. Maybe we are both being silly”.