Ribbed Grips. Where do you put the rib?

I’ve read that Hogan had the rib on his grips at 5 o’clock on the shaft. If his thumb were to be on the top of the shaft, and he wanted to feel the rib along the line where the fingers meet the palm then the face of his club would have been WIDE OPEN. That seems CRAZY… if in fact he wanted to feel the rib along the base of the fingers. Perhaps he wanted to feel it IN the fingers more?

I like to feel it along the base of the fingers… really where the pinky meets the palm. That’s the pressure point where I feel the rib the most.

I recently built up my own ribs and put them at 6 o’clock on a few wedges. Lag has helped me get the weaker left hand grip that I needed, but even with a weaker left hand the 6 o’clock position feels TOO weak.

I’m going to try with the rib at the 7 o’clock position. This is where my finger/palm interstion rests on the shaft, even with my weaker left hand grip.

What do you all think?

There’s a rib at 6:00 in my set of directors. At first it was a little weird as it almost felt like it made the grips kind of square instead of round, but now that I’ve gotten used to it it feels strange when I pick up a club without a rib. For a comfortable grip, the rib usually sits, like you mentioned, in the gab between my pinkie and palm of my left hand.

I lied the other day. I’ve got the 6:00 rib sitting in the first joint away from my palm on the left hand pinkie.