Retro Grips (in UK)

Golf Pride Victory Velvet Half Cords £2.50 each - 59 available.

Golf Pride Victory Velvet  half cords.JPG
GP half cords.JPG

Golf Pride V-2000 Full Cords £2.50 each - 19 available

Golf Pride V2000 Full Cords.JPG

Golf Pride 50th Aniversary £2.00 each (not Cords) - 17 available

Golf Pride 50th Aniversary.JPG

Lamkin Black Quarter Cords G3 £1.75 each - 84 available

Lamkin G3 quarter cords.JPG

I have some other old stuff too, but this is the best stuff. Please PM me if you are interested in taking some. + Delivery.

Nice NRG…will drop you a PM

Cheers, Arnie