Restoring Old Grips

A few of the vintage iron sets I have purchased still have the original leather grips
in really good shape, although somewhat dried out and a bit slippery…
Any ideas how to get these grips back to the original stickiness?
I have removed just one grip, and it came off easily with no cracking or breaking…

any ideas?



Below is a conversation I had with AA regarding leather grips

"Yes, I still use the '61 Dynas with with the Lexol laced leather grips…Bottom line is that it works really well for me but it is slightly a bit more cumbersome.

I play with 2 golf gloves…One for the leather grips and one for the the rubber Lampkin types…and also you need to re-apply the oil about every other time you play which only takes a few minutes. Also if you play in dusty/muddy conditions they might not be the best either…You want to keep a nice Lexoled glove and Lexoled grips in contact with one another for the best feel…If dirt gets in between it is not so good.

So the bottom line is that it’s nice and tacky if you don’t mind the extra few steps…"

I played that way for 5 months and finally replaced the leather grips recently

Thanks for that…I will see what I can do, although I have gotten used to NOT wearing a glove…

I would like to build these up a bit; does anyone have ideas on a build and wrap? what would I use for the build?
Using tape on new clubs is easy, but I just dont know what to with these old things!

A tip you might want to try on any grip. Buy some pure beeswax and rub the grip with a hunk of it. Reapply as needed.