Respect vs Individualism


Aaaarrrgghhhh! Just when I’d gotten past the flat brim hat! At least he complied on the 2nd request. :smiley:

I do like the fact that Fowler seems to have figured his swing out on his own and likely won’t be soliciting Sean Foley for advice anytime soon. The fact that he thought he could walk around Augusta with his hat on backward is a bit disappointing. Hell, I know a club in town that told Cowboys QB Tony Romo the same thing and it is HARDLY Augusta. :smiley:


Tempest in a teapot. He’s one of the few real individuals in the modern game, he should be encouraged. I still think he looks ridiculous in those clothes and hat, but he’s at least original on some level. And a hell of a player too…

I agree BOM, it’s hard not to like this kid. Swings it the way he wants to and in every interview/account I’ve seen of him he seems like a real stand-up guy… which is why I was a bit surprised that it took 2 requests to get his lid on straight. He doesn’t seem like the type that would even take on that “battle” to begin with. :slight_smile:

Kids these days. :laughing:

I feel so old.


When I used to play Cypress Point with my sponsor who was a member there… (the woman’s club champion to boot)
men are required to wear a sport coat and a tie to have lunch in the clubhouse. Considered it an honor always.

I hate to go “good-ole-days syndrome” on everyone, but I wonder if Ricky will look back in 2040 when he’s around 50 and think “wtf was I thinking in 2011 telling that member I wanted my peeps to see my face?!” :smiley:

I bet he does.

When you go to a funeral you wear black… the beach, a swim suit. I have never had a problem with dress codes.
What I do have a problem with is being told I can’t wear proper spikes in my shoes…because that is completely performance related.

That’s ridiculous. I realize Rickie is a huge talent and all of that, but it’s AUGUSTA NATIONAL! That’s like walking into a church wearing nothing but swim trunks. What really bugs me is now those hats are showing up everywhere. I was getting my range work in yesterday when a 7 or 8 yr old kid showed up with his dad and the kid had one on. People talk about how golf is positively affected by the “motocross-type” Fowler hats, but what I’ve always loved about golf and the people that play it is for the most part you can get away from all of that. I get enough of that elsewhere, and I’d prefer that golf stays above that.

If he wanted people to see his face he should take his hat off, like a respectful man does when indoors.

Especially when you are a young man with a full head of hair, juts like I used to have!

I’m honestly not sure if this is tongue in cheek or not… is it? On the chance that it isn’t, what else do respectful men do just as a matter of interest?


too many unnecessary rules made by people with the power to make others comply to their whims give me the creeps - he seems a genuine, good guy - who cares how he wears his hat

It most certainly is not. I was taught when I am inside I should remove my hat. Maybe a bit old fashion, but certainly better than backwards or off to the side. As for a list of things respectful men do I doubt I could list them all and it would have nothing to do with golf, but a few might be opening doors for ladies, saying thank you, etc.

Well, lets just say that I’ve known too many good men who’ve worn hats indoors and not so good ones who haven’t, for me to define either set one way or another based on their hat wearing habits. I prefer to wait for details.

I’m with you there, Tim.

Pretty good discussion. Perhaps since it’s an Invitational there is a different aspect to consider for setting and following rules which has helped continue the mystique of Augusta National. :slight_smile:

Individualism should be encouraged, but there should be respect for tradition. If someone wants to wear their cap back-to-front walking down the highstreet, I would like to think that he/she has the right to do so and offends nobody. Augusta is different - we’re on private grounds where the club should be allowed to apply the rules as it sees fit. The Masters is bigger than the players IMO. I’ve always liked the predominant white attire rule at Wimbledon - some people see it as being stuffy, but I think there are some traditions worth keeping even through decades where the fad is to wear multi-coloured outfits. I like tradition - it provides to us with a link to the past. There are plenty of situations in our daily lives where we can express our individualism.

Gentlemen, please, do you know how ridiculous most of you sound? I respect traditions and certainly The Masters is the master at traditions, but most of you seem ready for the old-folks home. Let Rickie be himself and wear his lid the way he wants. He’s trying to grow the game and get kids interested–he’s one himself. That green jacket was being officious. I hate officious.

Have to disagree Paul C. It’s an invitational event.

If you invited me into your home, am I free to set my own rules, etiquette standards or manner of conduct? :slight_smile:

RR- Come on, now, think about it. Augusta and EA Sports/Tiger Woods team up to sell a video game. This, after last year, Billy Payne publicly chided Tiger about his off-course behavior. I have no problem with the tradition and all, but it seems a bit disingenuous. I think the green jacket at the podium with Rickie felt at the moment that he had to uphold the ‘atmosphere’ of the club. Not necessary. The history of the place does that fine. All the official did was draw attention. Do you really think you would have been put out and taken notice of the declination of Rickie’s hat otherwise?