Reshafting Question

This may be a stupid question but I have never done this before. I just bought a set of pulled TT DG X100 shafts off of ebay that are +1/2" longer than standard. I would like to put these into a set of Macgregor MT’s that I have and my question is this. Because these are taper tips I know that I should cut the shafts down to size from the butt end but given that these shafts have brand new unused grips and to save on a lot of cutting time is it possible to get around cutting the shafts by putting for example the new 4 or 5 iron shaft into my MT 3 iron head, the 5 or 6 iron shaft in the MT 4 head etc. Is there something that I may be missing. I will then have to buy 1 or 2 extra shafts for the 9 iron + PW (which shafts I would have used in my 7 and 8 irons). Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

A really good cobalt drill bit to drill out the necks so you can get the shafts in. I like the idea of tipping them from the bottom, but more than likely you will have to bore out the necks. If you can find a machine shop to do the job, gladly pay them $5 a club to do the work. They might just do it for that the first time… next time they will charge you $10 a head!

Thanks Lag, I assume from your answer that I should cut the tips rather than the butt end. What is the drill bit size required to re bore the hosels .


Thanks Lag. How much can I take off the tip without making the shaft too stiff. Would it be OK to take an inch off. I’m thinking of making the shafts a little shorter than modern standard more in line with older clubs

1 inch would be fine pvalue. However before you go and tip trim them exactly 1 inch please measure hosel bore depth for each iron.(i.e. how far can the shaft go inside the hosel). It has been my experience that with older (hogan) clubs, these may be different throughout the set.
Good luck!

Thanks for the advice IOZ. I will do that. In the end depending on how difficult it is to rebore the hosel I may just end up hard stepping the shafts, ie putting the 4 iron shaft in the 3 iron etc. Not quite as effective as soft tipping but much less labor intensive. Any other comments advice welcomed. I have never done this before

Or you could try blowing the grips off the shafts with compressed air. Takes all of 2 minutes to do a set (once the shafts are in the heads).
You don’t even need a proper compressor, you can use a 12v compressor, or even a bike pump (done both).

I have used a compressor to put grips on but not to take them off. Would compressed air work if the grips were put on with 2 sided tape. I thought that this method of removal only works if the grips were installed using compressed air.

Works fine, no worries.
I just break the seal carefully on stuck grips. To do that, I use a bike floor pump - means I don’t dump a huge amount of pressure into the weakest point quickly.

Other thing to do is grab a piece of PVC that’s only just bigger than your grips. Slide her on before you go. Then you can blast away without fear of a grip blowing up, the protection will stop it from being a problem.
(that last bit was for Cap’nKAOS…)

Thanks Gusboh. I will try that.