Reshafting an R20

Need to reshaft my (real) R20 - are there any special considerations needed for this? Does it use a .355 taper tip?



Why reshafting it???

I agree,

usually the shafts in those are really stiff… especially the pyratone ones.

Yes, the existing shaft is a telephone pole, which is nice, but it is in desperate need of a regrip, as it has the orig grip which is waaaayyy too small for my huge hands and the diameter of the shaft is really too small to put on a modern grip.

Put some wraps of masking tape on the shaft to thicken it a bit. Then the modern grips will fit. If u have large hans, you prob need paper under all your grips. IMO


Also they make oversized grips. It’s not unusual for people to have multiple layers of grip tape to build up under the grip to make even a regular grip more “oversized”. Do both and you should be fine.

I understand about building-up grips, but this has the original leather on it which extends most of the way down the shaft and doesn’t have the same OD as any other grip made.

Does anyone happen to know what the shaft tip diameter would have been on the R20? .355t?


I had the same problem with a long leather grip. That one had a .355t.

Cool, thanks NRG!



Is the shaft on your R20 a pyratone? Either way, the shaft diameter should be the same as any other wedge.


I believe so? It has what appears to be a brown sleeve outside whatever the inner shaft material is.