Reflecting on my improved golf

I’m about to start module 5…and I have gone from upper 90’s when I started ABS to mid 80’s in my last 8 games. The ABS modules have changed the way I play.

Its difficult to pinpoint anything specific, but I now feel more compact and deliberate when I hit the ball. I have learned to start
down slowly, and I really think that has improved my accuracy. The thing is, I really have to find a way to improve my short game!!

Working on earlier modules has changed my swing as well as my golf muscles… I have a ways to go yet, and I will say that it is not easy, but,
if things continue at the rate they are now, I feel confident that very soon I’ll break 80.-

Way to go wade! Very inspirational. Do you think about the module work when you play? Or do you turn your brain off? What aspects do you feel like you really own as part of your swing dna and which are you still working to incorporate?

Wade–that is great news. Sounds like you’ve dropped b/w 10-15 strokes since starting ABS. How has your ballflight changed? Also, what’s your go-to shot–draw, fade, straight? How about alignment, what are you doing? I like your observation about compactness. Lately, I’ve been feeling that as well (I’m on mod. 3), this feeling of containment of energy until you’re ready to unleash it. Would like to hear more.

Thanks for the kind words. I think about the modules before I step up to the ball, but I turn it all off (or try to) when I am actually swinging. To be honest, I dont feel that I “own” any part of my swing, as I am constantly tinkering with small changes in my quest to control my ball flight. But the modules, seem to work as a guide, a subconscious guide in my swing. It sounds strange, I know…but I can tell you this; now, I seldomly find myself in the rough anymore, and if I don’t hit a green in regulation, I am close.

I fade just about everything. When I try to draw the ball, it usually goes straight, and if I try harder, it VERY easily turn into a hook, so I just play to my fade. I know there is a ball working module down the line…a lot of sweat before I get there.

My ball flight used to be very high, but its got lower. I’m hitting all irons from a middle stance, but I think it also has to do with using blades, as they definitely have a higher center of gravity than my cavity backs. Alignment is an interesting subject for me - I still play around with all sorts of feet positions - between the standard Hogan to a Mindy Blake extreme (left foot pointing to the target/right foot at 45 degrees of the target line…but, at the end of the day, what I check, and double check is the alignment of my shoulders.

Finally, I am working on a bunch of stuff, one thing that is really effective is something I read on the forum, and that is trying to make a massive shoulder back swing, with minimum arm involvement. I’m getting solid shots with that, but on the other extreme, I have had a lot of success with a loose high backswing-into a loop-into a compact impact with packed upper arms. When I use that back swing, the harder I pack my arms, the harder I hit the ball, but if I go overboard, I usually end up stalling the pivot.

So I keep on with the modules. If I have time I’m going to step on the gas with 5, as I really want to see what 6 is all about. Cheers!!

Great to hear things are moving along nicely. Well done.
I would not get too concerned about your shoulder alignment, because when you strike through the ball they are moving and rotation. Where they start has little to do with anything because you are talking about a stagnant position… of which the golf swing is not such a thing.

I would be leary or pointing the right foot out to the right… you will lose resistance in the right leg… best to keep it pretty square. The left toe flair out just a bit is fine. A wide stance is good for support… open or closed stances are fine… usually a bit open for shorter irons… slightly closed for longer clubs is fine.

Make sure to view through the Trevino release and alignment thread in the private forum to get a better understanding of how alignment actually works… and some of the options we can work on to accommodate a lot of what we are doing.

79 is just around the bend!

Thanks for keeping us posted.

Thank you for the reply. Just to clear up some of the foot positions that I had been using quite successfully… I read about them in a book by Mindy Blake- “the technique barrier”. (I have 80 or 90 books on golf, and this one ranks right up there.-) So…- If you consider the target as 9 o clock, the left foot points at, say, 9:30 and the right foot points at 11:00. (so both feet are pointing very much to the left) The stance is open to an extreme, and it really helped accelerate, at, and post impact. Granted, I really have to stretch to find the slot on the downswing, but it has its merit. Now I’m leaning more toward a “Trevino” open stance. (always tinkering) I’ll look into that Trevino thread that you mention. Thank you.-

I wanted to add my name to those amazed at the drastic improvements in their golf swing–after only one module! Specifically, I wanted to address the “lurker” guests that are on the fence, so to speak, about joining the program, as I had been after discovering the forum last fall. I was initially hesitant because, like any investment, it is impossible to know if the returns will be as promised. I see so many people at the range making the same mistakes I had been (as recently as last spring) who, like me, are athletic and coordinated, yet, despite this, cannot hit a golf ball straight to save their lives. I feel like every one of these people could be well on their way to developing a great golf swing if they simply understood the 4.30 line concept and bought in to the ABS philosophy.

I have just started module two and I have soooo much more to learn and work to do, but already I can see the math playing out:

2010: R9 adjustable driver + no modules = total cost $350; result: high right slice with driver, irons all over the map

2011: “Pedersen #1” Persimmon Wood with original rusty (unknown flex) shaft bought at Play-it-Again Sports + 4 weeks Module 1 = total cost $201; result: literally hitting on the screws, carry distance 230-250 EASY.

ABS End Mod1.png

Check out the guy cleaning his clubs watching me whack this ‘antique!’

Hello to everyone,

I would like to take the chance to introduce myselft and give an update about my improvements in this thread. Starting golf in 2002 and pushed myselft to a 4 hcp in seven years and playing
it since then more or less. Short game and putting is really ok and are the main reasons for playing my hcp–but not greens in regulation :frowning: So because of that I started Lag’s class. I just finished
mod 2 and starting mod 3 now. Only the first two modules brought so much improvement to my swing in even two month since I started that it’s fantastic. It’s like crr said, learning to
understand the 4:30 line and to build energy from the ground up by learning proper ground pressure with mod 2 are the keys for my improvment. Especially mod 2 is great, I learn for the first
time to pivot or rotate right through my full swing. To bend and squezze the legs did wonders to my impact and ball flight, I starting to hit greens now, not everyone but 13 of 18, for me a hugh
step forward. I always had the feeling that I play on top of my legs, just upper body action now it feels more like what Moe Norman said ‘I play into mey legs’ !! Now I understand why Lag say that
we are never get too good with the mod 1+2.

This is such a wonderful place to be for peoble who loves the game and wants to learn it right. Lag and Two Masters make a great work here with thier posts and the students are making
this site so valuable, thanks so much!

Now back to mod 3 !!


p.s. This is my first post ever in the internet and further more not in my language. So I hope didn’t make too many mistakes and you understand what I was trying to say… :unamused:

the sentiment and syntax were equally excellent. my brother is an english teacher and based on conversations i’ve had with him, your grammar is likely better than at least half of his 10th graders! :smiley: