Refinishing Vintage Putters

I have a an old Ironmaster putter that i want to refinish. It has alot of small rusty pores. Anyone know what i can do to remove the rust and smooth out the pores to a nice finish?


-Brandon Peck

Okay here is my attempt to clean this putter up. I used a wire brush wheel that my brother had (hes a welder), and then i went back over it with some fine sandpaper, and lastly polished it off with metal polisher. Overall, its decent, got most of the rust off and brought back some shine. Only thing is its pitted to hell, but what can you do? Its an old putter…i can live with that.

Next is to get this thing flatten out, lofted 8 degrees, and lead tape this thing!

Its currently at 16.5 ounces and 35 inches long with a swing weight of C1. The old leather grip on it is wearing out, so i might replace that with a victory half cord grip.

Anyways, here is some pictures!


looks nice!

i have and old sportsman wizard 600 i need to do that to…


I tried taking my putter to 3 different shops today and all the ding dongs working there said i was crazy and there was no way they could bend it down to 58 degrees. I told them trust me, it will not break! and if it does i don’t care. One guy told me he had no way of measuring that type of lie on his putter machine. I was thinking in my head, USE A PROTRACTOR! Anyways, all i got out of them was to loft it to 8 degrees, which i highly doubt they got that right. Fortunately they didnt charge me for that.

Anyways, i took the liberty to slightly modify my iron bending machine to fit my putter and bent it myself down to 58 degrees. The putter bent with ZERO problems! Took me 5 minutes to do. I dont see whats the big deal with these guys…Forged metal can bend a ton before breaking.

Man, one guy even said its IMPOSSIBLE to bend a putter to that degree. Oh well, sometimes you gotta do things yourself!

Well, my putter is all set up now. I put tons of lead tape on it (most of it on the toe), and its sitting around 17.2 ounces. I may add more tape on it later to bump it up to 18 ounces.

Alright, time to test this thing out!