refinished, 6 screw Mac t 945

Well, just added some lead in the sole and refinished this one, set’s up nice to the eye as is…
good stiff shaft in place… look forward to hitting this weekend!
Nice warm weekend in So Cal !!


Dale the craftsmanship is OUTSTANDING You go Kid :smiley: looking forward to speaking with you. :sunglasses: soon

Ball turf :sunglasses:

Hit a few with it today at the grass range I frequent… pretty heavy …I have it dead weight at 15 oz…not on purpose :slight_smile:
but that extra mass transmits awesome to the ball… I was working it out there as well as I do with my steel shafted Titliest
975J (the only frying pan I cam remotely stomach)… when you flush one the feeling is sensual !!
Hoping to get out with Ballturf next weekend and play a round with it!


Grip it firm, swing it hard and hit the screws and 15 ounces will work just fine.
A lot of the great strikers were up into that range, Palmer, Snead, Moe, Hogan etc…

You’ll find out what everyone else has been missing…

You said it a Lag!
Played around 16 holes today skipping around a bit due to course traffic… got to this monster (for me any ways! :slight_smile: )
par four 449 yds., uphill tee shot always plays into the wind, there is one small speed slot down the right side of the fairway about 270 out… caught one fairly flush, high traj. and flew a tad right… was looking everywhere for my damn ball
and finally peaked over the rise and there it was in position ‘A’ about 180 out… five iron to the fringe 25 ft. from the cup and three putted for bogey!! :imp:
I can count on 1/2 of one hand the number of times I have been close to this spot with a frying pan…and have played that track
alot!! ABS and Heavy Persimmons rule!!


Hooked up with Ballturf this weekend and we played a pretty chilly round down here in So Cal. at Menifee,
don’t know if it was the cold or what , but could not get this thing working to well, caught a couple pretty flush, but lost a few right too!
fairways were pretty soggy!!
limped in with a post of 89 ! :angry:
Know for sure that if I had gamed my 14 oz. PowerBilt I would have had a some better drives… but… I am determined to stick to
to training my swing with "Heavy, Stiff… (this ones not too flat yet!) " Hopefully get the rest of my reps. in and complete MOD2 in a couple more weeks!