Red Label ABS Spec Set Hogan PC / For Sale

A lot of sets come through my shop, but on rare occasion a set turns out perfect. Ideally I like a set to have no offset and a slight bit of face progression into the short irons to keep the shaft line down the third groove. As lofts increase, a properly set up iron should have a slight bit of face progression because the ball will be contacting the clubhead higher up the clubface. I like to set these up in the 8, 9 and wedges particularly.

This set of Hogan Apex PC is a one of a kind. They are heavier, essentially set up back to 1950’s weights. Flattened out to 6 degrees down. No offset, new Mint grips and have the new ABS Red shaft labels.

6 degrees flat
X shafts
Offset Removed
Set up personally by John Erickson

This set is $1000 (2 - PW)

I’ll be posting sets as I finish them, and will only be retrofitting what I think are the finest
forged blade iron sets ever made then set up within ABS Spec and I personally make sure
every club sets up perfectly to my eye.


Are these clubs still available?

Sorry, I should have marked them sold…

We have plenty of other sets… but this set was a real one of a kind.