really heavy swing weights and lead tape

ive been swinging in the neighborhood of D5-D6 for the last year or so. today a friend lent me a swing weight scale, so i decided to try an experiment. i duct taped a few fishing weights to the back of a 7 iron and a 5 iron just to see what it would weigh and what it would feel like. they ended up being around E8. i have to say, i liked the feel ALOT. i only hit a few “almost golf” balls around the garage before the weights flew off, but i really liked the sensation i was getting. i had to swing slow, but the impact felt really powerful. i hit these kinds of balls around my garage alot, and i have to say, they were flying around and bouncing off things like never before. so i think i will tape up a set to around that weight just to have one to play with. so a question is, how much tape do you think i will need and can someone recommend a good source? ive also seen things like this and was wondering if people would recommend them or recommend staying away from them: … d_sbs_sg_5 … d_sim_sg_1

Best to find an older set of MacGregors or Early Dynapowers that already have heavy static weights to start with.
Once you get a feel for that… you can explore removing offset and stiffening up the shafts, flattening lie angles etc.

We always have stuff on lagbay if you want to just plug and play.

i plan on getting a lagbay set one of these days. right now i have a set of directors that i got for 15 bucks and i bent and weighted them to your specs, so ive been playing them for the last year and am getting accustomed to them. im a natural flat swinger anway. thats why i came here in the first place. all my scuff marks are on the heel of my clubs, and for some reason, from day one i’ve always pronated at the top of my backswing. ive had local teachers try so hard to get that out of my swing, but when i found this site i knew i was “home”. for some reason thats just how my arms work… so flat lie angles are what i should be swinging anyway. this set of directors is just a set for me to tinker with, so i will probably load up some more lead tape onto them to get them to E0 just to see what its like. do you have any recommendations on tape or those 2 products i linked above?

ps, just got a set of split soles this week on ebay for $25!! you say they have heavy static weight, so maybe i should make them the heavy set. either way ill have to bend them just to fit my swing so im not contacting the ball with the toe in the air.