Re using grips

i was out thrifting today and bought a set of old northwestern sticks in hopes of using the shafts, but i don’t think they will work. they have an
awesome set of old victory classic cords on them, still in great shape. i have taken grips off before and re-used them but very
labor intensive. anyone have a good process for removing old grips for re-use?

btw, i paid $4 for the set so i figured worth the chance.

Have you tried compressed air?

no i haven’t, you just blow air into the hole in the grip? will it blow the grip off or tear it?

Not quite how I do it, but found a video on YT which should get you started.

How do you take them off RR? and does it work well with double stick tape underneath the grip?

Thanks in advance

that was awesome, thank you rat!

Doesn’t take a whole lot of air pressure regardless of tape.

Actually, the method shown on YT is probably good for any removal application, unless the grips are petrified, in which case they aren’t any good anyway.

What I used to do is put some duct tape around the grip, at what would be the collar, so that instead of having the air leaving that area as described in the video, the air is trapped there instead. Probably a little overkill, but Rats always take the Tim Allen view for chores…More Power! :laughing:

And instead of the paper towel tube, I would wrap a heavy towel around the grip- made heavy by having the towel wet and wrapped tight around the grip.

Two ways to kill a cat…from the Rat.

BTW: don’t know what you guys use, but I use single sided 2" masking tape and Elmer’s rubber cement for grip installation. Real cheap to buy the rubber cement in large cans. Works real well too…and way less fumes to rot the brain. Not sure if that is scientifically accurate, but solvents gave me headaches and rubber cement doesn’t. :slight_smile:

you are tight about not much pressure. i bought a foot pump this morning at an auto part store for 5 bucks and gave it a whirl.
at about 50psi the grip expands and bada bing your done. i didn’t bother with the paper towel tube but i will try the wet towel
for grips i really care about- at $8 bucks or so for a cord grip those things are like rubber gold.

i’ve never used rubber cement for regripping, only 2 sided tape from golfsmith, usually the thin stuff and then cheap walgreens
lighter fluid to get them on. only time i had one come loose was recently when i regripped some vintage stuff, the shaft butt was a hair
thinner than normal, so on the rest i just loaded up on tape underneath.

with the execption of a guy flattening my srixons in dec when i joined abs, no one has ever touched my clubs. i learned to regrip in
jr. high and reshaft in high school (because i had a bad temper). i’ve been going to golfsmith since it was a dingy warehouse on the
north side of austin. it was way cooler back then before the big box expansion. boxes and boxes of components all over the place. like
a garage sale. all the dudes who worked there actually new how to work on stuff.

i played a member guest a few years ago and proshop guys were offering free regripping for your set on the range during the practice round, any kind of grip, but i passed. my member thought i was insane. i just don’t like people touching my stuff.

i also sandpaper down my grips as they get sweat build up. nothing new to most of you out there. takes out all that hard rubber.
they get thinned out over time but oh well, they feel good. i used to have a driver with a whole under the right thumb all the way down to the shaft.

Hey guys - Here are some tips about using compressed air. I have done it for about 20 years now and it saves time, money and mess and you really do not need tape to hold most grips.
1 - Always use a sleeve over the grip initially until air passes completely through the grip. Find an old bag shaft tube and cut to length.
2 - Do not wrap or restrict the lower end of the grip as the grip may rupture (see 1 above)
3 - Stubborn grips may profit from a bit of mineral spirits (paint thinner) squirted into the butt end. No lighter fluid or gas!
4 - Maintain a constant pressure and work it off - takes some practice. You may have to clean the inside of old tape.
1 - Start grip onto the butt. I found a small dental spatula that helps lever the grip over the end but a small screwdriver will work.
2 - Work the grip on using compressed air at the butt end. The air is a fluid and eases the grip on. Air also allows grip adjustment and alignment.

You really do not need grip tape or solvent but if you do use grip tape for build-up then some solvent is useful along with the air. New grips installed with masking tape for build-up or no tape at all will also come off easily. Saves time, money and mess. I have found that old grips may stretch a bit and tape may be required for re-use.

What is the minimum and maximum air pressure needed?
What compressor would do the job economically and reliably?

remind me when we meet up again—i will have Hank show you the details…he has done this many times for me…


OK bent, that’ll work.