Re-gripping Hogan Legend Shafts

I picked up a BH persimmon 3-wood a while back that has a Legend 5 shaft in it. The Legend shafts appear to be extra large in diameter in the butt area (sort of like the old TM bubble shafts) and I’m having a hell of a time re-gripping it.

Did they require a special diameter grip or is there a trick to getting the grip on that I’m not aware of?


Don’t know what the butt size is for the Legend…but if it is like the TM bubbles…then those grips are special in that the inner walls of the grip are a lot thinner than normal so that they will install “standard”. TM grips are easy to install with any number of expanders that fit into the grip prior to installation…but it can be done manually as well- just need a little practice to get the feel to stretch it as far as it needs with your fingers.

If you put on a regular grip onto an oversize butt…because of the wall thickness, the butt end will be huge. :slight_smile: RR

Hi Rob,

Sadly Welsh Dentist and I are all too familiar with the Legend 5 shaft as I have some early Apex irons that WD had on loan for a while. In the end the only grip I think WD’s pro shop could get fit was a .865 Crossline (I guess like this and even that was a struggle apparently. Other suggestions gratefully received as never been a crossline fan myself.

Some background below:

Cheers, Arnie


Thanks for the responses. Although I managed to get an old GP Tour Wrap on it I don’t think I got much shaft-to-grip contact near the butt end… the grip feels loose in that area.

I’ll keep my eyes out for some of the mentioned grips to get by on this one if I can. Fortunately I only have this one club with the Legend shaft in it. I’ll stay away from those in the future.

Thanks again,