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Been getting a lot of emails from the recent exposure to mainstream golfers online.
Thought I would post and answer some of the more interesting ones… here on this new thread.

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Hi John,

I am a golf professional in Nashville, TN. Enjoyed watching your video a few minutes ago with Be Better Golf. Just curious if your own irons are 6 degrees flat throughout the set, or if there is any deviation based on the club. I am most interested in the sand wedges, as I would assume that they might need to be “not as flat” for shots around the green. I wonder what your experience has shown you regarding the wedges?

Thank you for taking the time to respond… it is greatly appreciated!

Jeff Johnson

Good question Jeff…

I set up my pitching wedge and gap wedge 6 degrees flat…
**However… I set up my SW 3 degrees upright! **
I do this so that when I open up the clubface to play a sand shot… the shaft drops down
to 6 degrees flat!

When we open the face we have to lower our hands… so I just want the club to be using the bounce,
but then have my hands right down were I play all my shots!

6 degrees flat!

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I assume that 6 degrees is what works for you based on your stature and swing shape. I’m 5’10" and I absolutely see the benefits of flatter lies but how do I determine how flat is flat enough?

Is it just trial and error or a dynamic lie test with a lie board or other method?


I wasn’t sure I could play 6 degrees flat until I could. I played with the concept and realized that I simply had to swing flatter. I could bend my knees a bit more to lower my center of gravity, and I could hold deeper wrist cock through the strike. Not hard to do at all once I practiced that a bit and got used to it.

I don’t require students to play 6 degrees flat… I just show the possibilities of doing that for a player (myself) standing 6/0 and doing it easily. Grace the junior champion I worked with recently can also hit 6 degrees flat. So we have two completely different body types both playing off 6 degrees flat. So there goes the “custom fit to your body” theory right out the window. If you play upright… fine, but you lose the huge geometric advantage that flat lie angles offer…


Thank you! I can live with that answer. In fact, I’m going to tweak my test 7 iron to 6 flat and work with for a while. I can tell you that flattening it to the degree that I have is already paying dividends.

Thanks again!