question on a few iron sets

so i found a lady who is selling a lot of old vintage clubs. But i am not really sure what i should be looking for.

she said she has: full set of wilson staff dyna power 60’s era irons
2 full sets of macgregors
acushent bullseye putter
spalding cash putter
and various other things

other than conditon of the irons, what should i be looking at. i know i want a stiff shaft, but how can i find this out.

forgot to add something. how do i know if its aluminum or steel shafted.

If you can physically examine it. The easiest way is using the magnet test. Steel will be magnetic and aluminum will not.


Read through these threads and you will learn plenty!

just found these on ebay, what do you guys think about them. Action 2 shaft should be close enough to modern day stiff. They look in great condition … TQ:US:1123

please dont steal them from me :slight_smile:

Those look pretty nice, I got set of rtm2 Macgregors to practice with for $20.00, circa 1967,
not the greatest set as far as desirablity, but they are heavy and I bent them flat to Lags Specs,
which you can find on the equipment thread.
I am currently gaming a 1950’s set of Macgregor M75 (shafts are lighter flex than the m85’s from the same Era)
and a set of Wilson 1971 Staff Buttonbacks… I have bought and traded and unloaded about 10 sets since I started ABS,
and so far these 2 are my favorites!

Good Luck with your searches !