Putting Some Work In- Change Is Coming

So I decided if I can get my game in some good shape I will more than likely have a go at q-school again this year.
I have been working a club job for a while to get some things sorted out and to get away from the tour to see if I got my desire back to go travel and play again.
I have started to put some ‘me time’ in at the club and get some practice done the past few weeks. Up until then it has been work, work, work
Thought I would post some videos and still pics of the changes that have been taking place of late.
The pics/vid of me in black was taken last month. It was the first time I had seen my swing since I was with Lag in San Fran last Oct.
'Was a bit of an eye opener really that because I hadn’t put in much work my swing was still very swinger orientated…which is fine as I can play that way.
Today I finally started to see more of an ABS swing take shape. These are the white shirt pics/vid
The big key was shortening my backswing.
It allowed me to load the club more and get some more body activated. If I could have placed my practice bag down the fairway they balls would have
all been right near it- which was a great sign and a bolt of confidence.
Thought it would be good to post to see the differences.


June 2010

July 20 2010

Haven’t been around in quite a while. My biz has me rode nasty, and put up sweaty. What a great way to re-enter the Lag atmosphere. The impact part of your latest swing is pure and dynamic. I can see ol’ Lag smiling as he watches. Keep up the “me” time - it looks as if it will take you anywhere you want to go. Flop

Love the look of it Two–it just looks so balanced.

Great repetition in camera placement!

Thankyou guys-
I really like finding that 430 line a bit better and quitting that roll post impact with the hands.
We shall keep at it and keep fine tuning until it becomes me each and every time
Now…if I can find my putter- I probably need to work on that part too if I am going to go all the way!!
I think the last time I practiced putting was 2009 :smiley:


That looks great. Thanks for sharing .

You have a bunch of people rooting for you…that can’t hurt!

I am not there yet but one of the early pics of Lag explaining his definition of the swing V hit release reminded me of these pics


Fantastic stuff Two - the change is clear to see! You mention the shorter backswing being key for you. Have you found that you actively needed to work on that in isolation or has it simply been a function of working on your post impact pivot which has helped you shorten things up on the other side?

On the putting have you ever thought of giving Al Barkow’s “dominant hand” method a go? Takes a little getting used to but once it becomes second nature its great. I know that you occasionally flirted with the long putter and putted well with it. Personally I think Al’s method has a lot of the benefits with few of the downsides.

All the best,


The shorter backswing helped with my post impact. I know when i was young I had quite a short backswing…but again people didn’t like it and it was eventually altered…the shorter back allows me to feel like I have to fire to get to the ball and beyond and I feel a lot more speed through the shot already.
It seems to go in tune with the ‘less hand travel’ idea that Lag has talked about and used Snead imagery to back it up.
The amazing thing is it is hard to feel such a short backswing. It feels like I am only swinging hip high- but it obviously goes back farther than that. That’s work to keep it short, but it will feel natural soon enough. the ball really liked it so it will be a key thought for me.
The shorter hand travel on the backswing - to me feels like - my body does more work getting the club down and beyond… the longer the swing the more my hands want to activate early.
It’s a great feeling. I hit a driver yesterday that had a flight and a feel that I haven’t had for close to 15 years…so it was good to get that feeling again
I did lose a little of my Mod 2 footwork with the shorter swing version but I think that will come back once I learn to be as aggressive as I want through the ball.

PUTTING- I was actually with Al and Lag last year when Al was taking photos for his book and spent the day with him and listened to what he said. I should get a copy of the book to really diagnose it. I have heard nothing but good things. I think I can get my hitting the ball back to a better level than it has ever been - gotta finish it off at the other end with the putter however to take advantage of that and figure in events. The days of flushing the ball and just putting average are behind us unfortunately as each week the greens are perfect and guys just roll them in from everywhere… so I am willing to work on the things that will make that happen.
I do know that I have always putted best when my dominant hand has the ‘hit’ of the stroke- so that will be something to go strive for again.

Thanks Arnie…talk to you later


Personally, I think everyone is missing what is so clear to me beyond the swing.

Before: a dark and murky sky, somber grass, and clothed in a black countenance like sackcloth!
Now: the light of inspiration, hope and change…the sun shines like a beacon reflected off your raiment as one reborn! :wink:

Back in my college days I was a high level fencer (sabre)…my coach always had us make our strikes/motions/movements as tight and precise as possible knowing full well that during a match the movements would correspondingly grow larger, less precise and more wild.

It looks great, Bradley… and I’ll wager you can alter your trajectories/shot shapes in a much easier and intuitive fashion as well. The swing looks night and day (pardon previous tongue-in-cheek pun) better with respect to ABS hitters intentions/actions. Unfortunately, most analysts not versed with the knowledge we’ve been given from Lag would only see some differences in a few plane lines and shaft orientations.

It’d be great to have you back on tour if that is where you wish to be!

Captain Chaos


and you will find the need for more module #2 will be very welcomed within the body once the dots are connected, then you are on your way.


Looking good! I find it interesting to see how significant the visual changes are when a professional puts some concerted effort in over just a few week span.

Can’t wait to hear how the scoring is once you get playing a bit.

Good luck,