Putter advice.cont....Wilson Tour Spec. II

After posting and getting some direction, this came in today, another $20.00 ebay steal!.. I whipped it into shape and rolled a few at the practice green, feels pretty sweet!.. harkens back to my miniature golf days as a kid !, putting looks like it can become fun again, and with ABS intentions applied maybe I can get to single digit hdp. before the year is out! :smiley: … Putting as always been a hit/ miss adventure in my game, and practicing it felt like a double helping of Thorazine…
Bent pretty easy to 58 deg. in my regular vise and a big closed end wrench properly applied :wink: … and a cool round leather grip already on… ran out of lead tape but got it up to 17.5 oz… Face measured about 7deg. loft with my non-expert protractor method…close I hope to the chip-roller being discussed in the forums… Something else to to a little personal satisfaction from the do it yourself bench! Can’t wait to try a round with it !


Dale - apparently we think alike, I just got a Tour Spec. I a couple of weeks ago. I haven’t played a round with it as I have been playing an Acushnet Bulls-eye with a round grip lately.

The Wilson putter is in the bag now and I may try to use it Friday, in addition to the Bulls-eye.

BTW if you haven’t putted with an Acushnet Bulls-eye you really gotta try to get your hands on one. The soft brass feels incredible and it is pretty easy to square up to the target.

NIce info Kangaroo! I had a bullseye when I was a kid! Actually I have my eye on a Wilson 600 George Low SIgnature forged putter… I like the looks of the smallish compact head, a few here at ABS have recommended it !


I discovered the WTS II earlier this year, and it is my favorite putter (the one in the bag!), though I play it unaltered. The simple (no offset) look when I set it up has helped me a lot, saved me strokes right from the start, without any practice effort on my part. And the ‘touch’ and ‘feel’ of this club is great as well, really sweet. Good luck with yours!

Thanks SF!.
Amazing how exciting this simple gear is ! The right tool for the job… no more no less !
I love being free from the Mega-Advertising and marketing campaigns of the big golf co.'s , and futile searching for the “magic” fix club,
putters included…that usually sets you back $200- $400.00 !! Added perks for old guys like me is the trip down memory lane and remembering
how fun it was with the old gear and just focusing on the game !


i still have a bristol gl 600 that looks identical to that. i haven’t used it in 10-12 years, may need to bust it out.


Hi Dale.
This is the chip roller Lag made for me. Thought u would like to see where Lag put the weight.

Works great for me


Apples–do you know how much weight Lag put on there and what he bent it to?



Sweet Apples !! :smiley:
That looks like about a 1 oz… slug!, Epoxy where would we be without it !!
I’ll have to "steal’ the design and put a hunk on my Wilson!.. hope Lag doesn’t take mt to court on Patent



Its set up exact to my pitching wedge without the loft of course. Same lie, length and weight


photo (2).JPG

Thanks, Apples and Dale.

[size=150]Oh no!!![/size] [size=200]^[/size]

Did it break?

Break ?

Nope, its purrfect. Deadly from 50 feet i tell ya



My post was a joke. When I saw that loose piece of ‘whatever’ on the carpet it reminded me of the story of a piece of lead tape falling off the back of Arnold Palmer’s putter, supposedly he never felt the same about that putter after that.

i just picked up a Tour Spec II yesterday for a great price…

its 35 inches. im gonna bend it super flat, put some salt/sugar down the shaft, and load it with lead tape, with a nice master grip leather handle


Sugar!! now that’ll be a sweet club…literally!!..
great job!
I could never go back to my ‘old’ analog T.V antennae- looking putter after getting ny Tour Spec dialed in,
love rolling them in with it !!


haha it sure will be. I’ll let you guys know how i make out with it !!