Push through

Does anyone think he meant this? I often wonder if this ‘pushing’ action was the reason he wanted 3 right hands- it makes sense to me in that regard. Any thoughts at all? It would make sense out of the front right foot as far as I’m concerned…


I think it was just a feeling he had. Sometimes when i hit a few good balls…i feel i can push as hard as i can towards the target with my right hand holding the face squared. As hitters, and someone correct me if im wrong… We want the feeling of pushing our shots toward the target (Hence accelerating and holding shaft flex), rather then a pulling action with our left arm. Ideally you want to feel the club face pushing towards the target as long as you can. So you fire your hands and push thru holding the club face square towards the target and let your body rotation release the club face as you come around. This all happens so fast, its hard to tell…haha

Lag could probably explain more.

Hi Bom…I think it is only half the story as he discusses the right hand. For sure alot of pushing forward as he says, but there is also a lot of pulling from the left hand…the push and pull fight being synonymous with pressurized hands, but being secondary in relationship to the oppositional forces related to the pivot- the pivot is driving to a position, if you will, to be able to fire the hands in that push-pull manner in tandem with the pivot going hard left.

In terms of stict compliance to an opposing force definition, if the direction of the R hand is pushing “forward” as stated in the video, then the L would be pulling backward. Either way it seems to me like a push-pull war to me… but a good one. :slight_smile:

He says " you get the pressure" …to me that is different to saying " I put pressure there"…

I interpreted that as a passive experience of pressure …

Just a different opinion…

You are pushing and pulling through impact at the same time. I challenge anyone to show me they can hit a golf ball just as far with only one hand on the club as with two. While some try to zero out one or the other to varying degrees… no reason not to embrace both.

Hogan in Five Lessons said “I hit hard with the right hand, but I also hit just as hard with the left”.

I suggest he said this because so many swing theorist even at that time where consumed by a left side dominant swing… and that somehow it’s the right side that creates all the trouble.

Training both sides independently helps them work in unison if not simply for the strengthening benefits of one armed drilling.

In the video clip Hogan says that pressure is not going down, nor is the right finger wrapped tightly around the club. Certainly accelerating forearm rotation and an increase in torso rotation acceleration are going to be applying pressure somewhere into the hands.

The best proof is going to be the calluses on the hands for any given grip positions. The calluses on my right ring and middle fingers are much more developed than on my index finger although not completely void.

I agree about using both hands - and with your comment about middle and ring finger. We know Hogan experimented with taking the right index finger off the shaft completely - in Modern Fundamentals and video of Jackie Burke describing a practice ground conversation…although JB adds that the swing thought never made it to the first tee the next day… truth or just smoke screen …who knows… :wink: It is lovely to see Hogan describing his grip and procedure in such detail in such a relaxed environment!

I have two big calluses on the top of the middle finger pads of my middle and ring fingers of my right hand. By holding the club more in your fingers, you are essentially lengthening the spokes in your golf swing. This also allows you to swing a bit flatter, or work the shaft through flatter. Of course you need strong fingers to do this… but sufficient strength is not that difficult to obtain given a bit of work and dedication.

Bom asked

A year ago I might have disagreed.

One year into ABS, however, I can wholeheartedly concur with the feeling of “pushing” he describes here.

If I hit a decent pitch shot, that is EXACTLY the swing feel I have.

The push action feels muted on full shots, where the feel becomes more of “loosening a tight screw” with a decent screwdriver.