Proper sound of compression?

The other day I THINK I really felt true compression for the first time. So from those who know, is this right? I felt no jarring at all in the club through to my hands and the rock range ball felt like a “marshmallow” all of a sudden, to which I would look up and the ball was like a bullet, screaming to get away from my abuse. It was a bit quieter than I expected considering it felt good and ball flight looked right. It was addicting. But wonder if I am now wrong.

I’ve never seen a tour event or anyone even remotely close to that level of play so I don’t know what a REAL ball-strike should sound like. I’ve read that you’d know from several stalls over by the “CRACK” of a compression. The only time I get a loud sound (to my ears) is when I thin one it seems. Will you hear the crack from your own compressed shot?

So anyway, is this the unmistakable sound of real, head-turning compression?:

That’s a good one!

Plenty of variables imo. The vid of Jack is him with the woods bordering his left, pretty still, and with a mb long iron… certainly a different sound than we’d hear there in 2011 with some clown using a hybrid or a big fat CB and a hard ball.

What I hear at impact on a shot probably sounds different to me than what a playing partner standing in front of me hears and it probably sounds different to a playing partner standing behind me.

I can tell you at impact with no sound whether I compressed it or not. Personally I rely much more on feel than I do sound.

I like this one :slight_smile:

And this one :slight_smile: Someone we might know.

Make sure you check out gonegolfers other videos… just fantastic…

Yes…that Nicklaus one is definitely one of the best cracking sounds ever caught on tape

These Norman vids are pretty good too…



good old tiger there


I just love how deep and “woody” Hogan’s sound was. I think a lot has to do not only with his swing but the heavy mass
of his clubs, especially the driver.

I just love listening to a properly struck golf ball - it´s GOLF PORN!

With iron shots it seems to me, the ball contacting the clubface almost make no sound when hit correct, the taking of the divot seems louder than the actual impact.



Might be a bit presumptuous but I had to post a few shots of myself from the 1993 Australian Masters…These had the noise of compression

1st tee (one iron)…14th hole (2nd shot one iron)…18th hole tee shot (72nd hole driver) …and then the playoff hole (two iron).

Now I either had a microphone up my rear end or I managed to get ‘the sound’ on these shots…they seem to stand out in noise compared to other shots from that round


some good porn here… keep it coming!


Can you feel compression? I was a pretty good hitter playing baseball, and the best hits were the doubles roped over the short stop into the gap. You couldn’t even feel the contact it was so pure, and the ball just screamed into space. There are some shots that I hit at the range that remind of that feeling–the club just fires through the hitting zone, hands low, the impact not felt at all, the ball screaming out into space. They sound good, sure, but they feel even better. In fact, it is chasing that feeling that brought me here. Is it fair to say that is likely compression?

If you listen to the Tiger shot above and the Seve shot imo they sound different (might be just a microphone thing but something i recall from watching other ball strikers too) and i´m pretty sure there is a difference in feel to it.

Go to the very end where Garcia hits it


  • i have a hard time figuring out the sound hitting the clubface - it almost seems non existent


a bit more “metallic”

But most likely 2 well struck shots with proper compression

I don’t know if it’s my TV or what, but I’ve watched a few Michael Breed shows on the Golf Channel just because I love to see how many words he can speak without taking a breath. The guy needs some of my red pills… :laughing:

Anyway…gosh when he hits balls on the show the sound is pathetic. Not a lot of compression going on there.

The entire back 9 of the 1986 Masters sounds like balls are just exploding off the clubface. Seve, Jack, Norman, Kite - all these guys just striping shots. It’s amazing watching these highlights on the golf channel.



Not what I’m used to hearing although it’s a sweet sound. You can hear the ball tearing apart the air a few yards past impact.

Good stuff. :slight_smile:

Sexy ball flight…


Mac has always created a great sound striking it… especially off persimmon.