Pressures vs Shoulder turn and slotting Paradox

Hi ABS Players,

I sometimes find it paradoxical that I am adding pressure at address (inner Legs, abdomen, armpits and hands) and then also trying to make a big shoulder turn and slot the club all while keeping the 4 pressures going throughout the swing. Does anyone find this to be paradoxical?

At times I actually do it, but I sometimes struggle by getting either lax in my pressures or too tight to complete shoulder turn or get a good slot.

I realize that the pressures must be practiced and developed first when going through the Modules.

I assume the answer is to make those pressures unconscious and automatic before making the big shoulder turn and slotting of the club unconscious.

It seems when I focus on one thing the others go out the window. When I focus on shoulder turn or slotting my pressures can diminish.

Anyone have any advice or thoughts on this ?

Dave O

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Set up with a camera (caddy view) with the ball in a normal placement… then make your normal shoulder turn.

Keeping your feet in the same place, put a second ball right of your right foot and closer to you…and address that ball and take the same shoulder turn as if you were going to hit the ball WAY out to the right… like down the first base line.

Then notice from the camera… that you just made a huge shoulder turn.

It’s not that you can’t make that great full turn, you just have to change your orientation.

So I will have a student take the backswing from the back ball position to the top… then on the downswing, change your mind and strike the ball at the forward position.

This is essentially what Moe Norman did with his setup… starting with the club way behind the ball and to the inside.


Hi John,

I am familiar with this and have been doing this drill. When I set up, I make sure my right elbow is lightly touching my body and that I have spine tilt as you show in modules 7-9.

Given your response I’ll do a lot more of this drill!

I guess my remaining question is:
Are the 4 pressures at setup and beyond something that I should never give up, and that I should strive for while working on all things Modules 2-9 as well as hitting actual golf balls in practice and play?
( I say this because I have not been consistently adding those 4 pressures at address)

When you set up for a shot with a ball in the “ forward “
Position, it s there space between the ball and your club head - ala Moe but less of a gap?

I like to engage the four pressures to take any kind of timing element out of it.
If I add the pressures later, well… when is that? Somewhere during the backswing? Is that going to change from day to day? If so… that opens up another issue of inconsistency. Therefore, I lock it in right at address so nothing changes from day to day… on that protocol.

As far as the second question, I still think Moe’s ideology on setup is brilliant. The best ever, and makes perfect sense 100%. This way, we can lock in the 4:30 line right at address… not having to “create it” either on the backswing or downswing. It’s there, and we can see it and feel it right from the get go.

I set up there just as Moe did, but just before I start the takeaway, I quickly bounce the club over to the ball to feel that spacial awareness of where I want my hands at impact… but I keep the bow to the 4:30 line, spine tilt, closed shoulders and hips to take all those unnecessary movements out of my swing. It may raise a few eyebrows or look somewhat unconventional, but it works… and I absolutely swear by it 100%. It’s been an integral part of my pre shot routine for the last 15 years. So simple and as Moe said, “eliminates the awkward first move off the ball”.


Wow! Okay….

Pressures- How do you engage them? Ground up?
One at a time or all 4 at once ?

Your 15 year old pre-shot routine - Do you have any video of you doing this? Could you shoot a quick one?

By the way …This is all fascinating, all these distinctions- which seem small but make such a difference. I had no idea you did that bounce move right before your takeaway.

After applying right arm to body and spine tilt at address I have since noticed how much easier it is to get that shoulder turn. My longer irons and especially my woods and Driver has been so much more consistent!! It had me thinking … I should set up like Moe did. Addressing the ball with my club forward near the ball seems like a waste of time and energy. Like a formality to confirm, like I am trying to be polite or fit in or something.

Which leads me to. I am very interested in your Preshot routine and would like to try it! I don’t think it is mentioned or demonstrated in the 9 Modules or legacy.videos.

If you are able to give a breakdown of your Preshot routine in video or some form that would be amazing. I understand if this is getting too personal LOL


I’ll shoot a video about it here soon on the youtube channel.


The YouTube channel snippets are very helpful. The latest one on stance width was very clarifying. I have never had a wide enough stance - even though I run Module 2 with the board often.

Tonight I found out that the wide stance + some serous pressures applied in the 4 areas and maintained throughout the golf swing lead to an abundance of FLUSHED shots from wedge to Driver. Darts!!!