Power Built Golf

Here’s a photo of Nichols. Looks like he slots it where it should be.
Love the old advertisements. Especially the no-one is paid to play Titleist. That will be the day!!

OMG :open_mouth:

I had a set of these citation blades new in the late 80’s early 90’s

I played my best ever golf with these and a Wilson Staff persimmon driver and Joe Powell Smoker fairway wood

The one iron was amazing…

Yeah that Joe Powell smoker is fun and I still play it regularly:


Always been fond of my 80’s version of the Powerbilt Citation. I like the look of the brass back weight personally especially if it is accompanied by some real weight:


That’s just golf porn you posted there Arnie

lol…got a stash in the cupboard and under the bed where the wife can’t find it :wink: