Poors Mans Drilling Rig for Persimmons

Well Guys, I have been chatting quite a bit with Lags club man Mike Rees’s, he is a great guy and despite his expert advice and encouragement I still have not a managed to successfully hand drill a Persimmon head for flattening with out getting some really jacked up angles… or worse! :angry:
So… $90.00 lighter in the wallet and a trip to Home Depot and Harbor Freight I worked up this little rig (pic below) and finally re- bored and shafted my 1st head! A Tommy Armour 693 2 wood (Epox curing in the garage as we speaK!)… The clamp needs a little shimming and tweaking but it worked pretty good and took my poor eyeballing mostly out of the equation!
Hope this might help give any other potential basement jockies some hope! Will post the pic of the club soon!

drilling rig.JPG