Playing the Top 100 golf Courses of th World

This is nice account of an anonymous guy trying to play the top 100 golf courses of the World. I was impressed with his description and the reader’s comment about Crystal Dune in IL (a McKenzi Design).

Thanks for the link…

Any top 100 list is going to be pretty subjective, but I would say that is a pretty good list. Doesn’t make sense to me to
out date all those classic historic tracks with modern golf gear. Most are all too short now for serious competition, and even if events are played there today, the courses will play nowhere near their original intentions regarding ball placement, positioning and course strategy. It’s no wonder all the historic golf course societies, and golf course architects are up in arms
about the modern game.

These are all courses that should be hosting top events, not being shoved into the bookshelves of golfing nostalgia.
Shame on the governing bodies of the game for failing to protect golf as they should have.

Doing a quick scan I have notched up 36 of those courses on that list…a third of the way…what happens next year when the list changes?

He has done well to get all those ones played so far…There’s a lot of travel miles between that list to play all of those… Not to mention the cost and the who you know to get on some of them

only 99 to go.


I think I read somewhere that the blogger is a current or Ex Tour Player.
I was actually looking for Pasa Tiempo there but it was not there; meaning I have played zero from that list.

Here is another man’s quest to play the Top 100 of America this time.

I think Pasa Tiempo would be in there, but with Pebble, Cypress, Spyglass just to the south, and The San Francisco Golf Club and Olympic Lake course just to the north, that’s 5% of the worlds top 100 right in very small geographic area. So I think PT gets passed on more for it’s zip code.

I think I have played 19 of them. So I have some catching up to do also :frowning:

These guys are true to their mission of playing a different golf course everyday on three continents. They call them “Crazy Kiwis”

I’ve played 8 of his top 100 :sunglasses:

Not bad considering I’ve barely been outside of Europe in my life (twice to the US, one of those times I was only 4!)