Playing one club golf

Anyone played 18 holes with one club?
I was thinking it would be a good exercise as I am losing the feel for my swing and short game.

Yep…good for what ails 'ya. No way not to be creative with just one utensil in hand. Haven’t done it in years, but used to long ago. :slight_smile:

Never gone a full 18…but used to play 9 holes a lot when I was a whipper snapper with a 4 iron only… Pretty cool to find out just how much variety of shots you can actually play with one club using your imagination, feel and some adjustments and not just by having a yardage in your head and pulling clubs based on that.
I actually putt not bad with a 4 iron also…now there’s a thought when I play properly!!! Probably try say it’s illegal somehow (against the spirit of putting!!!) even though you can anchor clubs to your chest :smiley:

There is actually a One Club championship held every year. I think the lowest score has been a 70 using a 6 iron.
I think its a great idea if your an ok ball striker as It really helpful for course management skills and shot placement.

I often play 4 club rounds. PW,5 iron and 3 wood and putter. Surprisingly I dont score any worse than using my standard 13-14 clubs… I find its great for learning trajectory shots. If your 130m out you need to learn how to hit a high soft 5 iron or if your 160m out learn to hit a long penetrating shot all with the same club.

All the time. Anything from a SW to 4 iron (usually PW-7 iron though). Excellent for imagination and learning how to move shots despite the loft.

Captain Chaos

Not 18 but 9. Had to go to my favorite 6 iron for 9 after a horrible first 9 a couple weeks ago. Great fun. Inventiveness if there’s such a word. Putted with it also, but have to work on that. “Good for what ails 'ya” is a perfect summation.