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Saw this article in golf digest and it got me thinking about the biomechanics of the golf swing and the action of the foot in the golf swing. Has anyone tried playing barefoot or in minimalist golf shoes like the ones above?

It would make sense to me that after awhile of foot strengthening you should be able to grip into the ground even in wet grass…and make a proper golf swing. Would love to hear thoughts on this even if you guys havent tried the shoes.

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Swinging barefoot or with tennis shoes on might be a good drill to slow down one’s golf swing… tempo, fluidity for swingers… but trying hitting a golf ball off a frozen pond in the winter in a pair of dress shoes and you’ll find it not such a good idea.

The flatter you swing… the more rotational pressures are applied to the ground. Steel spikes allow for the development of the most dynamic golf swing.

Golf shoes?!

Sorry, not in this lifetime. :laughing:

They don’t make 'em in rat sizes anywayz :wink: