Played a Round with Lag Today

Hey All,

Im New to the forum. Currently Im a medical student and my scores hover in the mid 80s. Met Lag on the 3rd hole today at Mare Island Golf Club in Vallejo CA.

Played along side him as he shot a blistering 67. And yes he can putt. He made some really nice putts on the tricky greens at the course.

It was a great day on the course for me as well. We talked for awhile about the golf swing and every idea he has seems is biodynamically correct.

Pretty amazing round overall and I learned so much.

Im converted. Now to figure out how Im going to bend my r9 flat :slight_smile:


just bend your R9 right in the middle of the shaft and then toss it in the dumpster :laughing:


That was fun playing with you today. You’ll be well on your way to good golf soon, especially hanging around here. This is the web’s best hard core purists golf site I am convinced. :sunglasses:

Feel free to shoot me an email through the site here, and I’ll look around for a proper set for you. I have about 30 sets.
The modern drivers are a real problem because they are way too upright. Over time, you might find your way into a persimmon. The persimmons are a lot easier to flatten than to try to bend a titanium flat. Most of the time they will snap because they are simply too brittle.

If you’re patient, you can find a quality set on ebay also, and persimmons are in endless supply there also. Just have to flatten them by pulling the shaft and resetting.

You have some good golf instincts with the nice knee flex which lowers your center of gravity COG. Clubs set up correctly is pretty much mandatory. How fortunate we are to have “The Mare” at our backdoor step. That sunset across the bay from #13 tee was nothing but magic.

I gotta add a few to that one… :laughing: :laughing: , that’s pretty damn funny! Nice one…

Nice playing, Lag…

It’s amazing how a hot putter can change the numbers on the scorecard :confused:

Today was really pretty mediocre ball striking… I did miss hit a couple shots… and I have had many better striking rounds than I did today, although I was hitting the 2 iron very nicely off the tee and a really properly struck 3 iron into the par 4 final hole as it was getting dark quickly.

32 on the back nine was the key to putting the choke hold on “Old Man Par” with birdie putts from 10 feet, 15 feet, 20 feet on holes 10 through 12 respectively. One more 20 footer on 17 sealed the deal. Caught a flyer with an 8 iron into the back bunker on 15, and missed the 6 footer, but it was actually a nicely struck putt that bounced around a bit because it was straight downhill.

I’m doing something really different but in a lot of ways common sense with how I am setting up my putter. I’m not about to get too far ahead of myself until I can putt good for at least 6 months! Fun when a few of them go in though… :sunglasses:

Gotta say that 3 iron was pretty impressive. I thought for sure you got it there. Could have broken that personal course record.

As for the putter set up. I took a pretty close look at it…I gotta say I like the results.

As for the R9 guys…If I could hit a persimmon like Lag…well I would play that too.

Midway down the par 5th hole I was telling lag how I always try to hit a draw down left center of the fairway to get the best roll down the small ramp to leave a little under 200 in. Well I found that lag had out driven me and was sitting in perfect position to smash it close to the green on his second shot.

Pretty impressive play and I honestly never thought I would see it in old technology. Needless to say i’m converted. Its not about the club in your hand. It is for sure about the swing that you possess and using the muscles in your body that are largest and that can create the most force.

Take care guys

That’s pretty much it. Golfers would be wise to put the “m” back in f=ma. Heavier gear puts more mass behind the strike and more feel in your hands.

I handed J my 1960’s MacGregor VFQ 2 iron to hit off the 14th tee. I’ll let him talk about that. It was interesting to watch.

:laughing: One of my weekend playing buddies bought the R9’s. I couldn’t believe how light they are! I won’t even touch on upright, offset, steep faced and long-shafted…(not that being long-shafted is bad as it’s genetic). :wink:

jfisher13 - buy a cheap set of old blades (see the equipment forum) and get those bent. It’s the difference between trepanation, blood letting (for those evil humors), and using leeches vs. antibiotics, lasers, and breast implants! :wink:

Heavy and flat is the way to go. And welcome, doc.

Captain Chaos

Hey all,

Just wanted to tell you about the two Iron on 14. Basically i have been playing blades my entire life. I grew up with a cut down set of dynapowers that my grandpa had played. Moved up to yet another hand me down set of blades some wilsons that were my dads back in the early 80s. I played those until I was 16 and other sports took over my life. Got back into golf a few years ago when I picked up a set of Mizuno tp 19s and I am currently playing a set of Taylor made RAC TP MBs. With these clubs I broke 80 shooting 75 this summer but ended up blowing out two discs in my back and havent been back down to those numbers since.

Each of those sets had a two iron except the most recent set. Each of those sets were set up standard and I could never smoke a two iron. My dad (who taught me to golf) used to say only god can hit a 1 iron and when you can hit a two iron dead straight…you will be beyond my knowledge of the game.

So 14 is a short par four with a pretty large landing area. Normally i hit a 3 wood or hybrid off the tee depending on wind conditions to be short of the bunkers. Well yesterday wasn’t a very good day striking the ball for me. I hadn’t played for 2 weeks prior because of school obligations and I was just shanking my 3 wood. So I shank two into the bushes that are just in front of the tee box and then lag says. Why dont you hit my two iron.

I really didnt think I would hit it to well and I figured the shot would end up snap hooking into the fairway of 11. But i figured why not nothing else is working today might as well try it.

Lag tells me to aim out to the left and hit it as hard as I could. So…As I set up over the ball I notice that my body just feels right. Its like ah…now you can swing. So I rip it and there it goes with the trajectory i have been looking for all my life right down the center of the fairway and about 10 yards past Lags ball.

Most amazing feeling I have ever had from one shot it was simply pure!


Great story, and welcome. Lag…shame on you, …you musta miss-hit it !

I look forward to hearing how the ABS course goes, if you are enrolling. The Lag-bag/drills will be good for study breaks. The forum is also a real education…anatomy, physics, biomechanics, kinesiology are all covered here. Even mating and reproduction ( Captain Chaos).

What year are you in your studies?

Hey Eagle,

Im a second year. I still have 2 more years of medical school and then I have a 5 year residency which I am hoping to do in orthopedic surgery.

Thanks for the props on the story. Im pretty sure just after I told lag I didnt get all of it lol. It still felt great to set up to a shot with my body knowing exactly where that ball was going to go.

will definitely be checking back in on the forum and Im going to be working on the game for sure. Not sure if I will join yet…time is a little cramped.


J wrote:

That’s probably an understatement.

But this forum is a great resource for you , and golf can provide a balance for all that studying and work ahead of you. I would strongly recommend the ABS course, as I suspect Professor Lag, and his assistants, can have you down to scratch way before the end of your training.

Best of luck to you. Please be sure to share with us the new stuff you learn , in golf AND medicine ! We’re all still learning.


Are you really encouraging Captain to reproduce! :open_mouth:

Too late, littlealm! I’m like an Earth-bound James T. Kirk…especially with the blue Orion slave girls. :wink:

Captain Chaos