Pivot thrust

Think that you guys will appreciate this:


Modern swing of Ricky Fowler is just very different … talented guy… gained alot of respect from fans by the way he played in Open at St Georges… but could he be better?

Modern guys… not as good.

Too steep and flippy with the hands.
Hogan’s action was light years ahead of what is going on now.

Nice video… thanks for posting.

Real nice Golfbulldog…thanks for posting. That Lias movie is real good too- especially the first guy. You can really see how the order is reversed- going from “crouched” to “straight” instead of the other way around. Don’t want to go as far as saying “slap happy”, but if the shoe fits :laughing:

Great stuff on your videos, really enjoy them. :slight_smile:

Thanks, RR. Lia gave me permission to show his images. He posts alot on Brain Manzella’s site. He has an outstanding knowledge of trackman and D-Plane (good things IMO) but rarely plays real golf (a bad thing IMO). He is learning same as we all are… just a different route at the moment !

It does and doesn’t surprise me how similar the really great strikers were in the 50’s and 60’s…Hogan and Snead and Trevino…Bolt too… what surprises me is how different the modern greats are from their predecessors…Equipment probably playing a greater part than other modern inventions (like video analysis) in this change.

The body is going to react differently to light- upright gear than flatter heavier stuff.
I hand you a pencil… I hand you a sledge hammer. The hammer you will feel it right into your feet.

All you really have to do is take a look at the modern players footwork and you can see the issues.
Straight legs and soft spikes and very mediocre ball striking at best.

Widen the fairways, get rid of the trouble and the rough, and live by the motto: “These guys are good”

But are they really?
Good maybe…
Highly overrated.

I’m just glad the PGA Tour isn’t using "These guys are great! or I might be a little more upset than I am :smiling_imp:

Thanks for posting, golfbulldog. I hate watching your videos, because sometimes I see a righty version of me in Ross Fisher! :blush:

Does he ever wander over to ABS to review what is going on here? If not, tell him to hop onto the nearest internet railway because the other side of the rainbow is routed through Frisco. :slight_smile:

I will message him - any particular threads you think will turn the head of a committed technophile (he loves trackman - I don’t see trackman as a problem myself - but only if it is a component of the teaching) and rarely playing golfer (come to think of it module work might suit him since he rarely gets to hit a ball)…

Which threads would you set out as a reading list?

Thanks, I really hope people don’t think that I have a thing against Ross, he is not goat humping in the way that most amateurs do it… see Lia’s movie


Lia (yellow/orange shirt) is a keen amateur who posts on another forum. He allowed me to post the images. His goat is right in front of him…Ross keeps his goat towards his left foot…a much more athletic location…much better motion.

You’re interested in orthopaedics - no? I am an ophthalmologist my self - so I might be out of my comfort zone when it comes to bones and stuff…but I just have to think that Ross is going to do some damage to his spine with his current motion…He is young and commited athlete so he might have built up enough core strength to support the spine … but how long is that going to last…??

Great question. I think it would be great if there was a small suggested reading list that would give public consumers visiting the site for the first time a general ABS overview which touches on the major topics. But I would suppose it would also depend on what Lias, or anyone else, is looking for, so I wouldn’t know where to begin- but it’s all here. Trackman won’t get much play for any number of sound reasons- one being the answers aren’t stored in a computer readout.

Nothing wrong with that. Not unlike a prize fighter training months and months for an upcoming fight. A good workout too.

Speaking of fights, he may enjoy this one courtesy of Lag which speaks volumes…so much so it muffles nearly everything else. :slight_smile:


thxs RR…totally liking that pivot thrust in that video…