Pivot Thrust vs. Pivot Rotation

Could someone explain to me the difference b/w a pivot thrust and pivot rotation, or is this the same thing? Do we need both in the DS and if so, when do they fire–I’m assuming thrust first and then rotate. I think I have a slow pivot and find when using the ABS hitting protocol, my miss is a very fat shot. I think I’m all rotation and no thrust. Hand speed and release is pretty good, but not matching up with the pivot…Thanks, and appreciate any help.

Also wanted to say that since getting some Hogan Apex PC blades and implementing some of the ideas from Lag on this forum, my swing has changed for the better. Much more accurate, more compact and flatter swing, even though I’m 6’1. From the top coming down I feel much more available speed b/c I’m connected, but have to force myself to slow down in the DS until P3 or disaster strikes. My mind just wants to rip it from the top instead of gliding into the free ride and then ripping, so timing is still an issue.

Once the season is over here in Chicago, I plan on starting the modules.

Thanks, everyone. This is by far the best golf site on the net.

Here at ABS, we could simply think of pivot rotation as “range of motion” and thrust as the acceleration of the pivot through that range of motion.

Thanks. Ever since going heavier and stiffer with my irons, I’ve noticed it takes some effort to get from P3 to P5. There’s a lot of work going on there and I feel it in my legs, forearms, wrists and hands–all getting stronger. I’ll never play game improvement irons again.

Never underestimate the resilience and ability of the human body.

Over time the body will rise to the challenge and respond positively to an increase in both
clubhead mass, and the precision feedback available only from proper equipment.

This will improve your golf swing, and your scores, and quite possibly your overall enjoyment in the experience of playing golf.