pins in 58 dynapowers

I wave a set of 58 dynapowers I want to reshaft and the pins will not budge does anyone know if they are threaded?
The pins in my hogans were a piece of cake compared to these anyone have any experience with these?

Kindest, IanB

They should come out. They will probably be tapered, so make sure you are trying to knock them out from the thin end and not wedging them in tighter by hitting from the thick end.

If you are not going to save the shafts, you can cut the shaft about 3" above the hosel then drill down the shaft and through the middle of the pin then the 2 ends will come out quite easily. Make sure you leave enough shaft (3") so you can grip it in a vice to twist the head off.

I have had some luck with a little PB Blaster and a stubby pin punch for control. Another key is to make sure the hosel is on a flat and hard surface that will not flex with the hammer blow. I made a set of aluminum vise pads that hold the club securely and do not give with the blow.

Hey there all you tech guys out there quick question.
Are 58 Dynapower shafts threaded on ?

Can’t say for sure but most probably a threaded shaft. You need to lever them forward, or clockwise as you look at the sole (hitting would actually tighten the screw-shaft a bit). Many of these were not glued but forced on then pinned so it may not take as much heat. Good luck