Peter Senior Swing Review

As a favor to Ralph I did a little swing interrogation of Peter Senior. One of my all time favorite golf swings. Very misunderstood in popular golf circles. However, take a look and see what really makes it work. While this is not an interview per se, I’ll post stuff like this in here and if Bradley and I do more of them, we’ll at some point open another forum for swing reviews.

At Gotham Golf: … ckson.html

Excellent stuff. But Lag, you forgot to draw the lines! :smiley:
As I was watching that, I wondered to myself why you’d never done this kind of thing before. :sunglasses:

Who knows… maybe the beginning of a new era!

When I run out of things to do I’ll look to do more of them.

thanks John & Ralph, very helpful & enjoyable to watch

Hugely instructive and thank you Lag, would love to see you do the same for Hogan, Knudson, Trevino and Gary Player.

Can you comment a bit more about how Senior exemplifies the level flat shoulder turn with a low left shoulder? He seems to want to stand up straight in a really vicious way post impact rather than go for a left sided crunch?


You have to look back at where Peter has the clubface at P3. It’s about as open as anyone ever. So to square that up, he uses a combination of module 1 and 3 in a big way. The quick torso move level and flat is the biggest contributor there, and it is a very powerful move… and does everything to keep the shaft right on plane through the impact arena so that compression is really straight on through the ball, and not any kind of glacing blow with any independent hand manipulation for a basically straight piercing golf shot.

Towards the end of the video you talked about how good his post impact pivot thrust was. Did you ever ask him about this. Do you know how he developed it? Was it something he worked on, or was it just the natural way he swung?

Someone told me years ago that he spend a lot of time swinging in tall grass as a youth. Regardless if this is truth or not… swinging in tall grass is an excellent way to develop a lot of the required proper muscular conditioning for striking a golf ball with a hitting action.