Persimmon reshafting first timer

No doubt this stuff has been covered many times before, but after digging through the threads for a while I haven’t come up with specific answers, so…
I’m moving a shaft out of one wood into another, or at least that’s what I want to do. Both are pinned. Is this even doable? I’ll keep going with the questions in case it is…
Do I need to repin the shaft? I’m assuming I do…
Does the pin go all the way into the head on the other side of the shaft or is it just stabilized from the back side?
How to I refill and/or trim the bottom of the shaft?
What do you guys use for tapering out from the wood up the shaft to make it even? Is that a ferrule of sorts?
All very beginner questions and I’ll probably have more, but help would be great…


Yeah it should be easily doable if you have the right tools. Most of your questions should be answered by reading the links below.

If the club has a bore through shaft then follow Robbos instructions here and drill the pin out through the sole.


Which should be read in conjunction with Lags guide here,


Combining both methods, you should be able to save the shaft, since receiving Robbos instructions, I have always been able to remove the shafts without cutting any wood away, which is obviously great. I am currently working on some where I have been able to reuse the shafts.

You shouldn’t need to. I would really roughen up the tip of the shaft even more than it is already so the epoxy has something to grip on to. Macs has pinned some, so maybe he could advise what he did.

Yes it will do.

Cheers, man… lots of good info to dig through…
I’ll get back to you, I’m sure…

No worries.

Another couple of things that might help.

Make sure you shove the metal rob (that you heat up to melt the epoxy) far enough up the shaft so that it sits inside the shaft where you grip it in the vice (don’t heat that part of the rod up). This should reduce the chance of the shaft buckling when you tighten the vice on it when twisting the head off.

Its probably worth temporarily whipping the top of the neck with some twine when you twist the head off, just a bit less chance of cracking the club, but no guarantees.

Yeah, I got a bit of a neck crack in the head that I’m not using immediately. It doesn’t go down too deep though… any thoughts on fixing that up? Or will I just wait until I’m using it and bond in there with the epoxy with the new shaft?
So far so good though on most of it. I used a drill bit as the heated rod to put inside the shaft(boy, does that sound painful!) and that worked really well.
I went by a golf store closing a few weeks ago to see if there was anything worth picking up, and it turned out that I’d played golf with the manager a few months ago while I was using old gear- I’d played really well so he was all excited to see me. They had a club repair area that he let me dig through to see if anything was worth picking up. Turns out they had about a 1/4 spool of whipping in a box which I tried not to be too excited about… I asked him what he was going to with it, and he says, “I don’t even know what the hell it is, you can have it if you want”. Sounds good to me! It’s seems hard to come by that stuff and finding it gave me a kick start to try to work on some woods…
Thanks for the info… again, I’m sure I’ll be back for more…